Easter Sunday to turn out pleasant in southern US

Following severe weather in recent days, much of the southern United States can expect sunshine with a warm afternoon. However, other parts of the country won't be as lucky

Which parts of the US will stay dry for Easter?

Those planning holiday weekend activities will want to check their radars if they live in the Northeast or parts of the central US before heading outdoors

Weather Brief

Weather Brief

Rain to spread across North Central states…

Some of the best weather conditions in terms of sunshine will be across the South, but also in parts of the middle Mississippi Valley and along the Pacific coast.

Southeastern US remains at risk for severe…

The combination of wet soil and strong winds can knock over weakly rooted trees. Large tree limbs can break regardless of soil conditions.

Treacherous storms sweep across southern US

A large portion of the country is on high alert for severe storms, including the threat of tornadoes.

Easter Sunday Unsettled conditions in store for…

The chilliest locations for sunrise services on Easter Sunday will extend from the Northwest to the Rockies and into parts of the Midwest and Appalachians.

Storm to bomb southern states with severe weather…

Millions will be impacted by strong storms, including travel delays. Evan Myers has details.