Franzia's Super-Cheap Sangria Will Make You Rethink Boxed Wines
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10) Aldi Sangria Blends - OK, you also can't buy this online, but it's award-winning, cheap, delicious, and plentiful. Mmm.
1) Beso Del Sol Rose Sangria 500ml - $4.99BUY NOWWe've long been fans of Beso Del Sol. In fact, we likened them to adult versions of Capri Sun about a year ago! And I maintain the best thing to do with boozy juice pouches is to take them with you wherever you go. Enjoy!
2) Capriccio Bubbly Sangria - $5.99BUY NOWWhereas Beso Del Sol is basically Capri Sun, Capriccio has long been pegged as the new Four Loko. The stuff is cheap, potent, and goes down easy. careful. But have fun?
3) Yellow Tail Sangria - $4.48BUY NOWOne sip of Yellow Tail anything will take you right back to college, but nothing more so than their sangria. Even if it's not the particular varietal of Yellow Tail you used to throw back, the sangria's sweetness and sip-ability will take you right back to 2010.
4) Red Guitar Sangria - $4.99BUY NOWThis bottled sangria is super fruity-like, fruit to the face fruity-which is a thing people generally tend to enjoy. If you are one of those people, get yourself a bottle and inhale all those cherry and citrus notes before downing the stuff-you'll love it!
5) Girls' Night Out Sangria - $10.59BUY NOWDoesn't just looking at the bottle make you want to sit on a couch with your three BFFs and get low-key wine-drunk? You're telling me they didn't think of that when they conceptualized and realized this drink? Mhm.
6) Franzia Fruity Red Sangria - $4.75BUY NOWListen. You can say all you want about Franzia but the fact of the matter is that it is fantastic at parties. If you're the one planning the parties, Franzia sangria is the perfect way to make sure (1) you have enough for everyone, (2) at least three people say "...hey, did this come from a box? and (3) you've got a good party on your hands.
7) Real Sangria Red - $4.39BUY NOWThe makers of Real Sangria insist their product is authentic and refreshing. They want you to bask in Spanish fruit flavors, enjoy conversation and laughs around a chilled bottle, and feel like you're on vacation as soon as the bottle is open.
8) Valenzano Red, White & Blueberry Sangria - $9.23BUY NOWIt's red and white cranberry wines mixed with blueberry. What more could you want for a Fourth of July party?
Karly Wood
9) Trader Joe's Maria Jola Sangria - You can't quite buy TJ's take on sangria online, but if you're lucky enough to be able to buy it in store, make sure you put it in a pitcher and throw some orange slices in there. Real Trader Joe's fanatics know that's the perfect way to do it.