Best public colleges in every state
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Best public colleges in every state
Public colleges… Public colleges and universities come with… READ MORE
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Alabama: Auburn University
- Location: Auburn… - Location: Auburn, AL - In-state tuition… READ MORE
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Alaska: University of Alaska Southeast
- Location: Juneau… - Location: Juneau, AK - In-state tuition… READ MORE
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Arizona: Arizona State University
- Location: Tempe… - Location: Tempe, AZ - In-state tuition… READ MORE
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Arkansas: University of Arkansas
- Location… - Location: Fayetteville, AR - In-state… READ MORE
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California: University of California - Los Angeles
- Location: Los… - Location: Los Angeles, CA - In-state… READ MORE
Chris Engelsma // Wikimedia Commons
Colorado: Colorado School of Mines
- Location: Golden… - Location: Golden, CO - In-state tuition… READ MORE
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Connecticut: University of Connecticut
- Location: Storrs… - Location: Storrs, CT - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Parkpay2000 // Wikimedia Commons
Delaware: University of Delaware
- Location: Newark… - Location: Newark, DE - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Spohpatuf // Wikimedia Commons
Florida: University of Florida
- Location… - Location: Gainesville, FL - In-state… READ MORE
Davidhermanns // Wikimedia Commons
Georgia: Georgia Institute of Technology
- Location… - Location: Atlanta, GA - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Daniel Ramirez // Wikimedia Commons
Hawaii: University of Hawaii at Manoa
- Location… - Location: Honolulu, HI - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Davidlharlan // Wikimedia Commons
Idaho: University of Idaho
- Location: Moscow… - Location: Moscow, ID - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Killivalavan Solai // Wikimedia Commons
Illinois: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Location… - Location: Champaign, IL - In-state… READ MORE
Huw Williams // Wikimedia Commons
Indiana: Purdue University
- Location: West… - Location: West Lafayette, IN - In-state… READ MORE
Tony Webster // Wikimedia Commons
Iowa: University of Iowa
- Location: Iowa… - Location: Iowa City, IA - In-state… READ MORE
Gen. Quon // Wikimedia Commons
Kansas: University of Kansas
- Location… - Location: Lawrence, KS - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Daderot // Wikimedia Commons
Kentucky: University of Kentucky
- Location… - Location: Lexington, KY - In-state… READ MORE
Christopherlin // Wikimedia Commons
Louisiana: Louisiana State University
- Location: Baton… - Location: Baton Rouge, LA - In-state… READ MORE
Billy Hathorn // Wikimedia Commons
Maine: Maine Maritime Academy
- Location… - Location: Castine, ME - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Bgervais // Wikimedia Commons
Maryland: University of Maryland - College Park
- Location… - Location: College Park, MD - In-state… READ MORE
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Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
- Location… - Location: Amherst, MA - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Michigan: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
- Location: Ann… - Location: Ann Arbor, MI - In-state… READ MORE
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Minnesota: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
- Location… - Location: Minneapolis, MN - In-state… READ MORE
Michael Barera // Wikimedia Commons
Mississippi: Mississippi State University
- Location… - Location: Mississippi State, MS… READ MORE
Emily Kebert // Wikimedia Commons
Missouri: University of Missouri
- Location… - Location: Columbia, MO - In-state tuition… READ MORE
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Montana: Montana Technological University
- Location: Butte… - Location: Butte, MT - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Hanyou23 // Wikimedia Commons
Nebraska: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
- Location… - Location: Lincoln, NE - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Ken Lund // Flickr
Nevada: University of Nevada - Reno
- Location: Reno… - Location: Reno, NV - In-state tuition: $7… READ MORE
Millyard800 // Wikimedia Commons
New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire
- Location: Durham… - Location: Durham, NH - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Tomwsulcer // Wikimedia Commons
New Jersey: Rutgers University - New Brunswick
- Location… - Location: Piscataway, NJ - In-state… READ MORE
TDBurleigh // Wikimedia Commons
New Mexico: New Mexico Tech
- Location… - Location: Socorro, NM - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Ad Meskens // Wikimedia Commons
New York: United States Military Academy at West Point
- Location: West… - Location: West Point, NY - In-state… READ MORE
North Carolina: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
- Location: Chapel… - Location: Chapel Hill, NC - In-state… READ MORE
Brianna.glaus // Wikimedia Commons
North Dakota: North Dakota State University
- Location: Fargo… - Location: Fargo, ND - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Michael Barera // Wikimedia Commons
Ohio: The Ohio State University
- Location… - Location: Columbus, OH - In-state tuition… READ MORE
MARELBU // Wikimedia Commons
Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma
- Location: Norman… - Location: Norman, OK - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Another Believer // Wikimedia Commons
Oregon: University of Oregon
- Location: Eugene… - Location: Eugene, OR - In-state tuition… READ MORE
George Chriss // Wikimedia Commons
Pennsylvania: Penn State University
- Location… - Location: University Park, PA - In-state… READ MORE
Kenneth C. Zirkel // Wikimedia Commons
Rhode Island: University of Rhode Island
- Location… - Location: Kingston, RI - In-state tuition… READ MORE
South Carolina: Clemson University
- Location… - Location: Clemson, SC - In-state tuition… READ MORE
PatrickRohe // Flickr
South Dakota: South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
- Location: Rapid… - Location: Rapid City, SD - In-state… READ MORE
Nightryder84 // Wikimedia Commons
Tennessee: University of Tennessee
- Location… - Location: Knoxville, TN - In-state… READ MORE
Utexas // Wikimedia Commons
Texas: University of Texas - Austin
- Location: Austin… - Location: Austin, TX - In-state tuition… READ MORE
MrSchmidt // Wikimedia Commons
Utah: University of Utah
- Location: Salt… - Location: Salt Lake City, UT - In-state… READ MORE
Vermont: University of Vermont
- Location… - Location: Burlington, VT - In-state… READ MORE
Ben Lunsford // Wikimedia Commons
Virginia: University of Virginia
- Location… - Location: Charlottesville, VA - In-state… READ MORE
Washington: University of Washington
- Location… - Location: Seattle, WA - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Paula Cristina // Flickr
West Virginia: West Virginia University
- Location… - Location: Morgantown, WV - In-state… READ MORE
James Steakley // Wikimedia Commons
Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin
- Location… - Location: Madison, WI - In-state tuition… READ MORE
Thecoldmidwest // Wikimedia Commons
Wyoming: University of Wyoming
- Location… - Location: Laramie, WY - In-state tuition… READ MORE