TIME magazine has named "The Silence Breakers" - the women who ignited the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment - as their 2017 Person of the Year. The cover features actress Ashley Judd, who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein; singer Taylor Swift, who sued a DJ for sexual assault; Susan Fowler, a former Uber employee who exposed the company's rampant misogyny; lobbyist Adama Iwu and strawberry picker Isabel Pascual. Also included is an image of a woman's cropped arm which represents those who still fear coming forward with their stories of sexual assault. "This is the fastest-moving social change we've seen in decades, and it began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women, and some men, who came forward to tell their own stories of sexual harassment and assault," Time's editor-in-chief said. "The image you see partially on the cover is of a woman we talked to, a hospital worker in the middle of the country who shared her story with us and some others but doesn't feel like she can come forward without threatening her livelihood." TIME also spotlights other "silence breakers" like Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, #MeToo creator Tamara Burke and actor Terry Crews among others. Since revealing their stories of assault and harassment, the "silence breakers' have exposed the abuses of powerful men like Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Matt Lauer and Russell Simmons. The magazine's list of runner-ups included Donald Trump, China's president Xi Jinping, Robert Mueller, North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, NFL star Colin Kaepernick and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Trump was the 2016 Person of the Year and tweeted last week that he had turned down being named to the top spot again. TIME refuted his claims and said the President was "incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year."