Although Baron Corbin has yet to officially hold the title of WWE Raw general manager, his time on top of the red brand in recent months has been nothing short of dreadful.

His reign of terror dating back to August has seen him abuse his power, stack the odds against the babyfaces of Raw, and make the flagship show a chore to get through for fans week after week. Corbin had potential to do well in the role, but WWE booking him like your typical heel authority figure has caused him to fail miserably.

Raw has been in worse shape because of Corbin being in charge and all the nonsense that has come along with it, but he may not be in power for much longer. If he is unable to beat Braun Strowman in their upcoming outing at the TLC pay-per-view, he will relieved of his duties as the Raw GM.

Needless to say, that would be wonderful news for the WWE Universe, but that begs the question of who would replace him. There's a decent chance Kurt Angle will return to the role considering he has nothing else to do at the moment, but it would be better for the company to have a fresher face take over for Corbin instead.

Between the Superstars of Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT (as well as any alumni currently under contract to WWE), there is a wide variety of candidates to choose from, but the following five names would be the best possible choices to run Raw.

As the Woken One said himself on Twitter, perhaps the only person who can feasibly fix a "broken" Raw is Matt Hardy.

Since losing the Raw Tag Team Championship over the summer, Hardy has been persona non grata on WWE television. Despite rumors circulating online that he was retiring from the ring, Hardy has since said in interviews that he will likely be returning sooner rather than later.

Regardless of whether he'll be an active member of the roster again or not, there's no better role for him on Raw right now than as the general manager.

In addition to not having to take any bumps while recovering, Hardy can make the once-exciting program infinitely more entertaining with his "woken" antics and be the babyface authority figure WWE desperately needs.

Since Hardy first became "Broken" in IMPACT Wrestling in 2016, in-ring action hasn't been his strong suit, especially with his body breaking down as he enters the twilight of his career. That said, he deserves to be showcased a role where he can exercise his creative freedom and not have to compete on the same schedule as everyone else.

Thus, the GM spot would be perfect for Hardy, and if nothing else, it would inject some much-needed life into the stagnant show.

Similar to "Woken" Matt Hardy, there aren't many matches involving Alexa Bliss that fans can point to as being beyond amazing. Superstars such as her are much more valuable in a role that requires the talent to talk and exert (not abuse) their authority accordingly, making her a top candidate to become the next Raw general manager.

Bliss has had her fair share of success as an in-ring performer since joining the main roster in 2016. Between holding the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships a whopping five times in total and walking into WrestleMania with the title in tow two years in a row, she has accomplished quite a bit in such a short window of time.

That said, she shouldn't be chasing (or holding) the Raw Women's Championship again any time soon, not to mention she has exhausted almost every possible program on Raw with Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax and Mickie James.

She has been out of action with a concussion for the past two months, and with no timetable set for her return, WWE has continued to utilize her in a non-physical capacity. Little Miss Bliss was recently named the head of the Raw women's division by Baron Corbin, so it looks like she'll be in a position of power for the foreseeable future on the show.

In that case, WWE might as well have her oversee all of Raw and take over for Corbin after TLC until she is cleared to compete again. Granted, it's another heel running Raw, but at least it'd be a breath of fresh air compared to Corbin and his weekly shenanigans.

WWE fans have pitched Hulk Hogan and Sting as possible authority figures for years, but if any WWE Hall of Famer should take the reins of Raw, Shawn Michaels would be the perfect person for the job.

Since retiring in 2010, Michaels has made occasional appearances on WWE programming, yet has never had a recurring role on Raw or SmackDown Live. He recently stepped back in the ring for the first time in eight years at Crown Jewel and showed virtually no signs of ring rust, defeating The Brothers of Destruction in tag team action.

It's unknown what his future holds inside the squared circle, but if there was any time for him time to lace up the boots again, it would during WrestleMania season. He hasn't appeared on Raw since his huge victory in Saubi Arabia, but if he will be wrestling another match in the not-so-distant future, he should have some sort of presence on the program.

From a storyline standpoint, it would be logical for Triple H to appoint his D-Generation X partner to the role of Raw general manager once Baron Corbin is inevitably fired from the position. Michaels wouldn't have to be a full-blown heel, either, and it would be fun to see him interact with the talent of today.

Even if The Heartbreak Kid leaves well enough alone and remains retired, it's unlikely he'd abuse his power the same way Corbin has as of late, instead of relying on a more traditional approach by appearing only when necessary.

Then again, more of Michaels on WWE TV is far from a bad thing.

Between Daniel Bryan and now Paige, WWE seems to have a knack for making talent who aren't cleared for competition on-air authority figures, and Jason Jordan should be no different.

It was apparent from the moment Jordan was revealed to be Kurt Angle's "son" in the summer of 2017 that officials had high hopes for him. While fans quickly soured on his aggressive babyface push, he eventually came into his own as a heel and became one of the more entertaining aspects of Raw earlier this year.

Before his storyline with Angle and Seth Rollins could culminate at WrestleMania, Jordan was sidelined with a serious neck injury in February and he hasn't been seen since. There hasn't been any update on when he might be able to wrestle again, but there is the possibility of an early retirement for the former American Alpha if his neck isn't healing properly.

Hopefully Jordan can return to action at some point, but in the meantime, having him pick up where his "father" left off as Raw general manager would be a logical route to take.

Jordan evolved into a compelling character before taking time off from Raw and made a handful of enemies on his way out. There are several directions WWE can go in with him at the helm of Raw, and he has already proven he can hold his own on the microphone, so he has all the tools necessary to thrive in the role.

If he's half as good of a general manager as his "dad" Kurt Angle, he'll have no problem running Raw and undoing all the damage Baron Corbin has caused.

Looking for someone with honor, prestige and dignity to serve as your next Raw general manager? The self-proclaimed "Top One Percent" of the wrestling industry has you covered.

EC3 has oddly felt out of place since signing with NXT at the onset of 2018. Despite debuting with plenty of fanfare, he quickly faded off into the background and has been a stepping stone for stars such as Velveteen Dream and Lars Sullivan in recent months.

That isn't to say EC3 can't be built back up, however. NXT is stockpiled with talent at the moment, so perhaps a move to the main roster and a run as Raw general manager would be the best thing for him come 2019.

His in-ring abilities are slightly above average, but the microphone is where EC3 really shines. Additionally, his elitist attitude would make him a fantastic fit for the role of Raw GM, and it can be explained that he paid off Stephanie McMahon for the job.

The purpose behind making EC3 an authority figure would be to introduce him as a major deal from the get-go, hopefully leading to him becoming a breakout star when he eventually joins the Raw roster as an active competitor. The heat he'd receive from the WWE Universe for simply driving home how much more privileged he is than everyone else would be deafening.

The fear of EC3 getting lost in the shuffle upon his arrival on the main roster is real, though there'd be no better way for him to make an immediate impact on Raw than by landing the (soon-to-be) vacant position of power on Monday nights.


Graham Mirmina, aka Graham "GSM" Matthews, is an Endicott College alumnus and aspiring journalist. Visit his website, Next Era Wrestling, and "like" his official Facebook page to continue the conversation on all things wrestling.