While Alex Rodriguez ultimately won a championship as a member of the New York Yankees, he revealed he was quite upset when the Major League Players Association blocked a potential trade that would have sent him to the Boston Red Sox following the 2003 campaign. 

"I think the game felt it, I know I felt it," Rodriguez said while appearing on the podcast Pardon My Take (h/t Hayden Bird of Boston.com). "I was saddened by it. I went out one night, there's this place called Life, and I just got toasted drunk that night. I threw up, I was so bummed."

Rodriguez provided additional details from his meeting with members of the Boston front office before the trade fell apart:

"I knew once I met with Theo [Epstein] and Jed [Hoyer], we met here at the Four Seasons, underground, kind of snuck into the hotel. At the time, he was 28, we were around the same age. I saw the way these guys thought and the way they think about architecting the house and putting it all together, and I go 'Holy s--t, these guys are really, really smart.' I knew they were going to win and win big, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it."

Theo Epstein served as general manager of the Red Sox, while Hoyer was the assistant to the general manager at the time. They went on to join the Chicago Cubs front office after their tenures with Boston, with Epstein as the president of baseball operations and Hoyer as the general manager.

Rodriguez recognized they were on their way to big things, and they certainly fulfilled that prophecy. 

Boston snapped a World Series drought dating back to 1918 in 2004, while Chicago did the same with its first championship since 1908 in 2016.

The Texas Rangers eventually traded Rodriguez to the Yankees prior to the 2004 season, which he said didn't seem like a possibility during the Boston talks with Derek Jeter already entrenched at shortstop:

"At the time, the Yankees weren't part of the equation. They had a great shortstop in Jeter. They'd won four championships over the last eight years or so. So I was like 'This is perfect. It creates kind of a Magic-Bird scenario.' Great for baseball, great for us, both shortstops, pretty cool."

Rodriguez won the 2009 championship and 2005 and 2007 American League MVPs during his 12 seasons with the Bronx Bombers as a third baseman. He also made seven All-Star teams and maintained his status as one of the best players in the league.

He called his time with the Yankees "the greatest thing that's happened to me, professionally," but it's easy for fans to wonder what could have been, considering the Red Sox won three World Series titles while Rodriguez donned the archrival pinstripes.