It seems most of us want lots of power from our first-generation Camaros. While power can be somewhat easy to come by these days, knowing how to manage it wisely is another matter entirely. We put the cart before the horse and infuse a lot of power into our rides without enough attention paid to the suspension and brakes. When you have a lot of power coupled with poor brakes and suspension and a small tire contact patch it becomes downright dangerous.

QA1 and Eaton Detroit Spring want to make the drive safer and more enjoyable for 1967-’69 Camaros, with plenty more on tap for other generations of Camaros to follow. Few things compare to a classic Camaro with its hooves solid on the ground in a hard corner with the right suspension system. QA1 sports a generous line of high-tech adjustable shocks, including Custom Mount Shocks, Stocker Star Non-Coilovers, Front Stock Mount Struts, Front Pro Coil Shock Systems, Front Pro Coil Struts, and finally, Rear Pro Coil Shocks for classic and late-model Camaros alike.

If you have a stock vehicle that has not had any significant alterations to the original suspension design, QA1 offers stock mount options (both coilover and non coilover) that bolt in place of your original shocks. If you have altered or modified the suspension, such as a four-link, ladder bar, or independent suspension, then a Custom Mount Shock is what you want.

Coilover or Non Coilover?
If you’re looking for adjustable ride height, QA1 has a variety of different coilover options for many makes and models that allow for easy ride height adjustment for either stock appearance or slammed. If you’re comfortable with your car’s ride height and don’t need to adjust down or up, QA1 has non coilover units as well.

All QA1 high-performance shocks and struts are built with a three-step sealing system, which features a hard anodized aluminum sealing gland, a buffer O-ring, an advanced aerospace double lip seal, and low-drag wiper seals. This approach eliminates seal drag and dirt intrusion, and keeps the oil inside.

QA1 offers a wide variety of adjustable and non-adjustable shocks. Single-adjustable shocks offer you simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment on one knob for performance street driving, autocrossing, or for drag racing in the rear. Double-adjustables give you truly independent compression and rebound adjustment. Non-adjustables give you no-brainer fixed compression and rebound valving without external adjustability. There’s nothing to think about but driving.

QA1 offers three levels of suspension kits for classic Camaros, from a very basic budget Level 1 to the full complement Level 3 where you get the works. If you don’t want to make the full investment in your Camaro right away you can build your suspension in stages using the QA1 parts list as a road map to get to the level of performance you want at that particular time.

Eaton Detroit Spring brings up the rear with factory blueprint leaf- and coil spring packages for all Chevrolet car lines. Because Eaton Detroit Spring has been manufacturing springs for 81 years in the heart of downtown Detroit, you get OEM-style quality, stance, and ride.

With QA1 working hand-in-hand with Eaton Detroit Spring, you get ride and handling like never before. And because the Nova and Camaro share the same platform, everything we’re showing you here applies to the timeless 1968-’74 Nova, as well.

Marlon Mitchell of Marlo’s Frame & Alignment aligned the front end and took the Camaro out for a little canyon cutting. “The car handles very well. It hugs the corners roaring through the Santa Susana Pass just above the San Fernando Valley. I am very impressed with it and I am sure the customer will be, too.” CHP

Photos by Jim Smart