Kylie Jenner may be holding back from posting new pictures of her daughter, but Khloé Kardashian is on a sharing spree. Since welcoming her baby girl, True Thompson, in April, the new mom has treated her followers to adorable shots of her first child on Instagram and Snapchat. See all the photos below.

September 4, 2018: Just Keep Swimming!

Khloe shared a series of photos on her KhloéWithAK official app of True's first "Mommy, Daddy and Me" swimming lesson. "Oh my gosh, True loves her swimming lessons!!! She's only about 5 months old and she loves to kick in the water, which is so cute," Khloe wrote. "She's also getting used to dunking under the water, which she enjoys. After each dunk, she sticks her tongue out and just smiles from ear to ear!"


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Baby True swimming lessons 💕 #truethompson #momanddad

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August 23, 2018: True's First Truck

Khloe shared the most adorable shots of True in a baby-sized Bentley with at teddy bear, which was a gift from family friend Kimora Lee Simmons. "I’m not sure what’s cuter, the cute teddy bear driving the Bentley truck or True’s cheeks and smile 😩" Khloe wrote on the post.

August 14, 2018: Best Friends Forever

Khloé shared the sweetest pics of her daughter sitting on a couch wearing a gold romper and sparkly crown. She captioned the photo with the sweetest message, writing, "You don’t know this yet but you’re my best friend for all eternity!"

You don’t know this yet but you’re my best friend for all eternity!

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August 10, 2018: Music Time

Khloé took to Snapchat to post a selfie video of baby True (in a flower crown filter) bopping on her lap and letting out a big yawn. The mommy-daughter duo was listening to kid's music and dancing along to Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

August 5, 2018: My Life

Khloé posted this beautiful shot of twinkly-eyed True sitting on a bench in a white linen romper, writing "Kyankus 🇦🇲 My Life." "Kyankus" means "my life" in Armenian.

Kyankus 🇦🇲 My Life

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July 15, 2018: Oh So Sleepy

Khloe posted two sweet photos of baby True in a white polka dot dress and floppy hat enjoying the summer weather writing "Mood PS why are rolls soooooo cute on babies?! 😩😍"

Mood PS why are rolls soooooo cute on babies?! 😩😍

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Khloe also shared her hopes for True's christening. A Twitter user asked if they had a plan yet, and Khloe replied that she wants to do at Tristan's mother, Andrea Thompson's, church.

Yes I do!!! I want to do it at Tristan’s moms church - Khloé (@khloekardashian) July 14, 2018

True spent some quality time with her dad while hanging out on the couch where he sang "baby True, baby True, baby True" over and over to her, waving her hands in the air, as Khloe filmed.

July 11, 2018: Cousin Time

Khloe posted a video of baby True sitting on cousin Penelope Disicks' lap during a baby music class. The whole flock of Kardashian babies were there for the class - Reign Disick, Saint West, and Dream Kardashian all played and danced along to the music.

Earlier that day, Khloe shared adorable selfies and videos of True in a blue romper with silly face filters, saying "look at this gorgeous little mama!"

Cutie 🐰 @khloekardashian - UH HUH HONEY (@AsyaKardashian) July 11, 2018

Yes I do!!! I want to do it at Tristan’s moms church - Khloé (@khloekardashian) July 14, 2018

July 1, 2018: Bunny Eared Baby

Khloé shared an adorable close-up Snapchat video of her little girl with a bunny ear filter while cooing at her from behind the lens. This may be True's cutest video yet! See if you can watch it without smiling.

June 22, 2018: Big Brother!

Tristan Thompson smiles for a photo with True and 1-year-old son Prince. Prince is Tristan's son with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, his last relationship which he ended shortly before dating Kardashian. The photo shows Thompson sitting on the floor of Khloe's LA home shirtless with his daughter on one knee and his son on the other-and a basketball right in the middle.


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Another photo shows two prints of the babies kissing on the cheek and the lips. In the background, Khloe and Tristan can be seen holding up the kids going in for the kiss. True is wearing a flamingo print onesie with a black bow headband.

June 13, 2018: True's First Selfie?

True seems to be modeling for the camera (in true Kardashian style) for her (maybe) first-ever selfies. True is dressed in her usual all-pink get-up, accessorized with a floral headband.

💕Baby True 💕

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June 12, 2018: Green-Eyed Girl

Khloé shared this close up photo of True taking a bath, where you can really see her green eyes-and cute chubby cheeks.

Daddy twin 💕

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June 6, 2018: "Lookin' Like a Little Lady"

True is dressed in a head-to-toe pink outfit-bow and tutu included-sitting up on a couch before letting out an adorable sneeze. Proud mom Khloé can be heard in the background asking, "Who's the cutest little munchkin!?" (Hint: the answer is True.)

Like father like daughter. 💕

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Too cute 💗

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May 30, 2018: Baby Bunny

In honor of True's seven-week anniversary of being born, Khloe shared this adorable throwback photo of her sleeping two-week-old daughter with a bunny filter, writing, "why is time flying!!"

May 28, 2018: Happy Memorial Day

Khloé posted this selfie holding True (in another pink headband) with the "Happy Memorial Day" Snapchat filter.

Little True

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May 26, 2018: Mother-Daughter Selfie

Khloé posted a filtered selfie with her sleeping daughter on her Instagram, captioning the photo, "Mommy's Little Love."

Mommy’s Little Love

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May 13, 2018: Happy 1st Mother's Day Khloé!

In a candid snap, True is seen in a black-and-white patterned onesie, and later seen fast asleep while celebrating Khloé's first Mother's Day.

Baby true 💞

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May 12, 2018: Hiccuping Cutie

Khloé posted this precious video of True-with her favorite flower filter-who lets out the most adorable set of baby hiccups.

So cute 💞

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May 12, 2018: True is One Month Old

On True's one-month birthday, Khloé posted an adorable video of her daughter with a Snapchat filter, saying, "I love you sweet girl!"

💕Happy One Month True 💕

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May 11, 2018: A Sneak Peak

In her first post, just one month after giving birth, Khloé teased a teeny tiny bit of True in a selfie posted on Snapchat. You can see a small piece of True's arm and her little head.