I have to thank Netflix for introducing me to Australian reality shows, a TV sub-genre I never thought once about prior to 2019. But my life has been enriched by the addition of Airbnb competition show Instant Hotel and the cheeky Real Housewives-esque Yummy Mummies to Netflix in the States, and the recent arrival of both shows’ sophomore seasons has given me hours of new Aussie entertainment.

Now I gotta talk about Yummy Mummies Season 2 (a sentence I truly never thought I’d type as recently as a week ago), because it is a randy surprise. I thought Season 2 would deliver more of Season 1’s vibe (extravagant displays of designer baby clothes, nosy mothers, and party planning squabbles). I mean, there’s a lot of that in Season 2, as a sip and see party threatens to split the already tenuous Yummy Mummy alliance.

Also–a sip and see? Push presents, baby-moons, gender reveals, and now a sip and see–I never want to hear a straight person derisively say us gays are extravagant ever again!

I digress. Season 2 adds one very frisky ingredient to the potent Yummy Mummies mix: sex talk. Lots of sex talk. For example, this is a for-real bit of narration in Season 2:Photo: Netflix

More on those “libido-enhancing oysters” in a sec.

Every yum mum, including new addition Iva Marra, is horny AF in Season 2.Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

I have to point out that there’s absolutely no shade thrown here. Yummy Mummies Season 2 is basically all about how moms are sexual beings and how women have desires and needs, and the way the show goes about exploring this theme is as empowering as it is campy. Okay, it’s more campy than empowering, but campy is Yummy Mummies default. I only find this remarkable because 1. I was not expecting this much frank sex talk when I hit “play” on Season 2, and 2. As you’ll see, Australians have straight-up wild slang for everything.

The horny vibe is pervasive throughout Season 2, with sweet-natured Rachel Watts offering to loan her fellow mum Jane Scandizzo some of her underwear for a sexy night with the hubby.Photo: Netflix

But it’s not just the core yum mums bringing all the dirty talk (although Lorinska Merrington brings a lot). It’s newcomer Iva who dishes it out.Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

Lorinska, Rachel, and Jane know what they’re in for with their new inductee, though. Within minutes of meeting them in Episode 1, Iva dropped the R word:Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

What does root mean? “Root” is basically another way of saying “fuck,” with all the same extremely vulgar connotations. So keep that in mind the next time you’re Down Under and ask for a root beer.

This is just the tip of horny Aussie slang! Here’s how the yum mums talk about the conditions of their vaginas post-giving birth.Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

When it comes to self love, Lorinska has a few phrases she likes to use.Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

You bet there are more!Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

Translation for that last one: “hammer and tongs” apparently means to go at something with great force. So, not specifically a euphemism for sex so much as a euphemism for the vigor with which one does the sex. Still, I’m counting it!

And then there’s Episode 4’s trip to a fish market where the mums all gargle down oysters because Lorinska needs all of her friends to be getting busy!Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix

I could truly go on and on, as there’s also a pantsless waiter, burlesque class, and tantric sex workshop later in the season. Sampling some oysters was clearly just the beginning for the yum mums. But a TV show is just like a marriage–you gotta keep things spicy! And Yummy Mummies certainly did just that in its friskier second season. Cheers, yum mums!Photo: Netflix