Dating is hard. Dating in the winter is even harder. Chances are, you're mindlessly swiping through a dating app rn as you read this, probably in bed under a weighted blanket, or two. I mean, what else are you supposed to do during cuffing season? It's cold out!

Well, dating is about to get a whole lot easier. More fun, too. Media company Betches just launched their own (free!) dating app, Ship, that brings friends together to swipe for each other.

The founders of Betches, Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham, and Samantha Fishbein realized something was seriously missing from dating apps: their friends' expert insight. So, they teamed up with Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of the Match Group, to launch Ship.

“Dating apps are a huge part of today’s dating culture and people in relationships are begging their single friends to let them swipe for them," says Betches founders Kuperman, Abraham, and Fishbein. "We felt like there could be a better way to incorporate your friends into your online dating experience.”

How it works:

Ship allows users to invite their married, single, and/or “it’s complicated” friends to join so they can swipe on the single friend’s behalf. Your crew is automatically entered in a group chat where you can share matches, talk about profiles you’re digging on the app, and swipe at everyone’s own convenience.

When setting up a profile, Ship will prompt you to answer your height, job, religion, school, and more so that users can filter by gender, age, and location proximity.

“Ship eliminates the pressure and anxiety surrounding dating apps and talking with a stranger because you have your friends cheering you on throughout the entire process," says Kuperman, Abraham, and Fishbein.

\"It’s a total game changer when you’re dating and feel supported and empowered by the ones who know you best\"

So what makes it different?

Well, your friend’s involvement, of course. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve ever sent your bestie a screenshot of the dude you’re digging’s profile for approval? Guilty.

“Every woman knows half the fun of dating is talking about it with your friends, so we took that behavior and put it into the Ship app,” explains the team behind Betches.

Forget the screenshots and explanations, everything is better when your highly-opinionated bestie can finally pick out the person she wants for you.

How can I get the most out of Ship?

Simple: Pick your team wisely. Sometimes our friends know us better than we know ourselves, so surround your profile with the same ride-or-dies who save you from those IRL creeps at the bars. "In 2019, it takes a village to date and Ship is here to bring your village along for the ride," says Kuperman, Abraham, and Fishbein.

Interested in giving it a trial run? Download the app in the Apple Store or click here for more info. And may the dating odds be ever in your favor. Cheers to finally having someone else to blame for bad dates!

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