New Orleans Pelicans president of basketball operations David Griffin may have a good relationship with Klutch Sports, but that doesn't mean the team plans to acquiesce to Anthony Davis' request to be a Los Angeles Laker. 

"The Pelicans are not interested in making a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers," ESPN's Brian Windhorst said on Wednesday's episode of The Jump.

The Pelicans were hesitant to make a deal with the Lakers after Davis made his trade request in January. The controversy led to Davis being regularly booed in New Orleans throughout the second half of the season and the Lakers internally fracturing.

After the Pelicans hired Griffin, it appeared the odds for a Lakers trade had increased. Griffin has a good working relationship with Klutch Sports, which represents Davis and LeBron James among others, dating back to his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The pushback against sending Davis to the Lakers seems to be coming from the ownership level. New Orleans is one of the NBA's smallest markets, and it's possible owner Gayle Benson is choosing to make a moral stand against trading Davis to his desired location. Of course, the likes of Boston and New York are not exactly small markets, either.

While there is likely a hesitance at the moment, Griffin is the type of decision maker who will push to do the best thing for his franchise. The Lakers have a better trade package than the Knicks after moving up to No. 3 and arguably a better one than the Celtics, who saw a number of their young players take a step back this season. 

If Griffin feels the Lakers' package is best, he'll likely try to sell it to Benson regardless of the optics. The Pelicans got a massive boost in their rebuilding effort Tuesday night by winning the Zion Williamson lottery. If they could pair him with the fourth overall pick, along with assets like Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball, it's something to consider.