Atmospheric signals (for example, a strengthening -NAO late Jan into early February) continue to line up showing a significant pattern change late this month. It looks like the coldest air will initially be concentrated over the central/eastern Prairies and northwestern Ontario after Jan. 20 then over the rest of Ontario and Quebec after Jan. 27 and into early February.

There should be increasing opportunities for significant snow over eastern/Atlantic Canada late this month through early February. The lake-effect snow machine should also get cranking again at the end of the month and into February.

Farther west, confidence continues to grow that a mild and drier pattern will set up across much of southwestern Canada later this month into early February. There should be some nice stretches of weather for skiing and snowmobiling.

I still believe that the core of the Arctic air will be more directed of eastern Europe and Siberia through early February, but there still can be pieces getting sent down into the eastern Prairies and northwestern Ontario from time to time.