A one-two punch of rain and mountain snow lashed parts of southern and central Chile since Saturday.

Santiago recorded their second measurable rainfall within the past month with this event being more than twice as significant as the first.

The above image shows rainfall totals and climate information for official reporting sites in Chile, courtesy of the Chile Meteorological Department.

Total rainfall in Santiago for the season is now just above 50 mm (2 inches).

While 50 mm (2 inches) of rain is beneficial, it is still less than 50 percent of normal through June 11.

The region will gladly take any rainfall they get as drought over the past several years has created water shortages and increased wildfires throughout southern and central Chile.

Unfortunately, AccuWeather long-range meteorologists are expected less than normal rainfall across central Chile for the remainder of the winter which will only increase concerns for drought and wildfires later this week.