An ‘essentially frozen and unresponsive' cat was found buried under a mountain of snow on Thursday, Jan. 31. Fluffy, the cat, has since made a miraculous recovery.

Fluffy, who lives in northwestern Montana in Kalispell, was found by her owners in a snowbank.

The day she was found, Kalispell was suffering from freezing temperatures with a low of 8 F on Thursday morning, and temperatures the previous morning, Jan. 30, were below zero.

While it was not snowing on Thursday, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines.

She was rushed to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell after being found.

(Facebook/Animal Clinic of Kalispell)

Animal Clinic of Kalispell Dr. Jevon Clark told ABC News that when the owners brought Fluffy to the clinic, her temperature was so low that it didn't even register on a thermometer, with a bottom range of 90 F.

Cats' temperatures normally are around 101 F, Clark explained.

After about two hours of using warm water and blankets, the cat's temperature was still too low. Fluffy was then brought to the emergency room, where she finally began to show signs of recovery after a few hours.

The Animal Clinic of Kalispell shared the good news about Fluffy's recovery in a Facebook post on Tuesday, Feb. 5:

"Amazing success and survival story from this week. Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow. They brought her to us essentially frozen and unresponsive. Her temperature was very low but after many hours she recovered and is now completely normal. Fluffy is amazing!"

Fluffy is now fully recovered and back home with her owners.

(Facebook/Animal Clinic of Kalispell)