Following the hottest early May bank holiday on record, could another scorching holiday be on the way?

There is high confidence that dry and warmer-than-normal weather will prevail for most of the upcoming late May bank holiday.

While it is still too far out to know the exact details of each day's forecast, the overall pattern looks favorable for outdoor plans.

The above image shows projected high temperatures on Monday, 28 May, based on the GFS model.

Widespread temperatures of 20 C (68 F) or higher are projected away from the coastline with local temperatures reaching 24 C (75 F).

The above image shows the high temperature anomaly for Monday, 28 May, based on the GFS model. As expected these temperatures would be above normal for all of the country with some locations as much as 6-8 C (10-15 F) above normal.

The above image depicts the sea level pressure and precipitation on Monday, 28 May, based on the GFS model. As expected with temperatures above normal across the country, there would also be largely dry weather.

High pressure is projected to be centered near the U.K., shielding the region from any approaching Atlantic storm systems.

While this forecast could change in the coming days, I have moderate to high confidence that most of the holiday weekend will be dry with above-normal temperatures in any given location.