We are in for ideal star-gazing conditions this week as the new moon is upon us. The new moon is Monday night. But, there will be little interference from moonlight all week.

You may be able to get a good view of the Milky Way which will be a bit higher in the sky. Of course, you need to be away from city lights to see it.

The Milky Way will be highest in the sky from midnight through dawn. It will span the western sky. Jupiter will be very near the Milky Way tonight. It will appear under Jupiter, if you are looking for a point of reference.

A lot of the country will have clouds to deal with tonight. A frontal boundary will extend west to east across the northern tier of the country as waves of showers and thunderstorms move along it. A tropical disturbance will bring widespread clouds and rain to Florida.

On Tuesday, an asteroid will make a somewhat close approach. It will pass about halfway between the Earth and the moon. The object was discovered in 2010, but then faded from sight. However, it was rediscovered last week. There is no threat to strike Earth. But, it is one of the largest known objects to pass so close to Earth. Read more about the close approach of the asteroid in this detailed article from Earthsky.

Later in the week, there is a must see celestial event. The waxing crescent moon will appear very close to Venus Thursday evening.

Not too many things are free anymore; however, looking at the night sky is still one of those things. Thanks for reading! Just look up; you never know what you will see.