Feb. 12--which are unusual for that genre.

"This is a trilogy, and the witches’ story is the next book," James said. "Sogolon, one of the witches, tells the next book, and I think her perspective is going to be super interesting, if for no other reason than she’s 350 years old."

Erdrich also asked how it is that in a time when "black culture is being celebrated and dominating certain cultural arenas" that white supremacy can also be on the rise.

James responded: " Whether I like it or not, I’m aware of it at all times. I write about this in my Facebook posts. Being a big black man in America, I literally do not know how to conduct myself in a physical space. I don’t know how to meet people without it seeming intimidating. I don’t know if I should wear glasses, if I should try to look extra gay, if I should stand up, sit down, wave my ID, not reach for an ID. I don’t know. I am literally immobilized in the presence of a lot of police power."

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