At this rate, your linen closet is probably overflowing with years - maybe decades - worth of accumulated towels, bedding, and sheets. Instead of accepting the clutter and chaos, follow these tips for a cleaner closet. It'll look so beautiful, you'll actually want guests to open the closet door.Andrew McCaul

Maximize Shelf Space



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The cost of baskets and bins quickly adds up. For a more affordable option, install these adjustable shelf dividers to keep your sheets, towels, and other linens separate.

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Pair Similar Items

Store your everyday towels and sheets on the center shelf. Everything else - mismatched pillowcases, bleach-stained towels, and your daughter's hot pink shams - can be tucked in baskets on higher or lower shelves.


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Hang Your Iron



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Hang your board, iron, and spray bottle on the door so the next time you're running 10 minutes late and need to press your dress, you can find everything you need to get rid of those pesky wrinkles.

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Label Everything

Break up shelves into sections and label accordingly. Hold off on sticking bookplates and labels directly on shelves until you've figured out what system works best for you - then stick away! You always know your label maker would come in handy ...


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Repurpose Office Supplies

Say goodbye to toppling towels. A file sorter fits onto most shelves and immediately creates stackable compartments for washcloths, hand towels, or dish rags.


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Keep Products at Arm's Length



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If you're short on storage space, it's likely that your linen closet is also home to cleaning products and extra toiletries. Divide everything into these grab-and-go plastic bins for easy access.

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Use Empty Door Space

Hang an over-the-door towel hanger on the inside of your closet door to make it easy for everyone to find their towel next time they shower.


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Remove Moisture



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Your closet won't truly feel clean until it smells clean. Get rid of any musty odors with this compact dehumidifier.

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Stash Sheets in Pillowcases

This nifty hack makes it easier to keep all the pieces of your bedding set together - substantially lowering your chances of losing a rogue pillowcase.

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Make It Consistent

Choose a color theme to give the closet a more cohesive, less cluttered look. For peak organization, give each type of linen - sheets, bath towels, and spare bedding - a specific color so that you can find what you're looking for quickly.


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Make Guests at Home

The next time you have someone staying the night, simply pull out these pretty glass jars full of travel-size toiletries, cotton balls, and bars of soap. Or you can even tell your visitors to head to the closet and grab it themselves.


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Keep Track of What's Inside

You know the story: You reach for a cotton ball only to find that you used all of 'em up the day before. Solve this problem by keeping track of what you need to buy with a makeshift organizer, a marker tied onto either a clipboard or dry erase sheet.


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