Country music's biggest party of the year was one to remember! The 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards were jam-packed with tons of amazing performances, inspiring speeches, and cute couples, with plenty of hysterical, heartfelt, and awkward moments in between. Here's everything you missed at the ACM Awards this year.

1. Reba roasted Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan in the funniest way possible.

Reba kicked off her night of hosting the award ceremony (for the 17th time) by poking fun at previous hosts Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley. "I guess they finally figured out it only takes one woman to do the job of two men,” Reba said after giving them a shoutout.

"I guess they finally figured out that it only takes one woman to do the job of two men." Crushing it Reba! #ACMAwards #CountryMusic - Country Music News (@CountryMusicBee) April 16, 2018

2. Jason Aldean led a dedication honoring the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting victims.

Joined by Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, and Thomas Rhett, the country crooner opened the show with a dedication to the victims and their families.

"What happened here in October will bond all of us forever," Jason, who was performing on stage when the tragedy occurred, said. It was an emotional moment for the stars and everyone in attendance. "On this night, our country community, the people here in Las Vegas, and all of you at home are united through the healing power of music," Miranda added.

3. Miranda Lambert broke an insane record.

The "Tin Man" singer took home two awards last night for "Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Song of the Year," bringing her total number of ACM award wins to 31. In the process, she also broke the record for the most ACM awards ever, beating Brooks and Dunn's 29 wins.

"I didn't know that this whole record-breaking thing was happening until yesterday," Miranda said. "Somebody just randomly said it in a conversation. And I was like, 'Oh that's fine, no big deal.' But, um, I really can't believe it." It's also the ninth year in a row she's won "Female Vocalist of the Year."

4. And she opened up about her recent "heartbreak."

During Miranda's emotional "Song of the Year" acceptance speech, she opened up about using her heartbreak to write The Weight of These Wings-the album she wrote shortly after her divorce from Blake Shelton. "Thank you guys so much for sharing my broken heart with me," she said.

Put your hands together for Album of the Year winner, @mirandalambert! πŸ‘ #ACMs - ACM Awards (@ACMawards) April 3, 2017

5. There were three epic '90s throwbacks-and people LOVED them.

Some of the best performances of the night were the three 1993 flashback songs performed by three pairs of iconic singers. First, Alan Jackson and Jon Pardi teamed up to perform "Chattahoochee," and it got everyone up on their feet.

We are living for this @OfficialJackson and @JonPardi performance!! 😍 #Chattahoochee #ACMawards - Grand Ole Opry (@opry) April 16, 2018

My excitement for this @OfficialJackson #ACMAwards performance is unreal. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜­πŸ™Œ #Chattahoochee #AlanJackson - Justine Albrechtas (@Justine2726) April 16, 2018

Later in the night, Blake Shelton and Toby Keith took the stage to sing "Should Have Been a Cowboy," and people were really into it.

THIS. This is country. #shouldhavebeenacowboy I don’t know what this other crap is this year #ACMawards2018 - Hayley Baker (@_hayley_beth) April 16, 2018

Blake Shelton and Toby Keith killed that performance! That was awesome! #ShouldHaveBeenACowboy. #ACMAwards. - Maryanne steen (@mayzo51184) April 16, 2018

And lastly, Reba gave a special rendition of her hit "Does He Love You" with daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson. The throwback songs were such a hit, we have a feeling it will be a new tradition at the show.

Easily one of the greatest songs in country music. I am so here for this . Love these ladies !!! #ACMawards #doesheloveyou #countrygiants - Rebecca Barnes (@BeccaBooMb) April 16, 2018


Why can't they just do 90s songs the whole show?! πŸŽΆπŸ’• #ACMawards - Amanda Morris (@AmandaM821) April 16, 2018

6. Reba rocked a special throwback '90s outfit.

The host took her flashback performance to a new level by wearing the same iconic dress she wore when she sang her hit song with Linda Davis in 1993.

β€œDoes He Love You” in 1993 and 2018. Same @reba. Same dress. #ACMawards - ACM Awards (@ACMawards) April 16, 2018

7. Luke Bryan proved he was the biggest Reba fan there. πŸ˜‚

If you blinked you might have missed it, but for a split second viewers got to see the adorable moment Luke Bryan was basking in Reba's glory as he sang along to "Does He Love You."

We are all @LukeBryanOnline during this @reba & @kelly_clarkson duet... #ACMawards - Nashville Noise (@nashvillenoise) April 16, 2018

8. Chris Stapleton had a huge night-and he wasn't even there!

Seconds after it was announced that Chris Stapleton won "Album of the Year," Reba took to the stage to tell fans that Chris and his wife Morgane just welcomed twin boys! And that's not all-later in the evening, he won "Male Vocalist of the Year." Oh, and it was his 40th birthday. Happy birthday, Chris!

Congratulations to @ChrisStapleton who has won Album of the Year and just welcomed TWINS! #ACMawards - ACM Awards (@ACMawards) April 16, 2018

9. There were zero political jokes throughout the ceremony.

Unlike other recent award shows, there weren't any remarks about politics or controversial topics. "They told me I can't talk about politics, drinking, or breakups," Reba joked later in the night. "They do know this is a country music show, right?"

So the #ACMawards have been on for over an hour and unless i missed it, I haven't heard one political "joke." How refreshing. - Lori Latimer (@lorilatimer) April 16, 2018

10. Carrie's first post-accident performance was amazing.

Though she warned fans that her face may look a bit different after getting about 40 to 50 stitches following a scary accident this past fall, Carrie looked stunning and wowed the audience with her first performance of her new song "Cry Pretty." In fact, she got a standing ovation after belting out the tune and crying mid-performance. Go Carrie!

Watch Carrie Underwood Perform "Cry Pretty" #ACMawards 2018 - Al Kahn πŸ’ƒπŸŽ€πŸ“·πŸ”­πŸ‘½πŸ₯ (@idolxfactor1) April 16, 2018

11. Gwen Stefani cheered on Blake-and fans went nuts.

Following his number with Toby, Blake got back on stage to sing "I Lived It" while Gwen Stefani sang along in the audience. It was so darn cute.

Wow, that performance could not be any more perfect. @blakeshelton Speaking of perfect, @gwenstefani looks stunning 😍😍 You can see how much she loves and admires Blake. #ACMawards - Yanny (@Yanny_Abramo) April 16, 2018

12. Carrie looked like an ethereal goddess.

She may have skipped the red carpet, but we still got our fashion fix from the stylish singer, including this pretty backstage look.

13. Sam Hunt was MIA.

Though his song "Body Like a Back Road" won "Single Record of the Year," Sam wasn't there to accept the award. Even presenter Nancy O'Dell was a bit confused. "Congratulations Sam, where are you?!" she said. Some fans were disappointed, too.

Does Sam Hunt even still exist? He hasn't released an album or follow up song since "Body Like A Backroad" made it big and he skipped out on this show. Where is he? #ACMawards - Nick from Chicago (@FearlessRiOT) April 16, 2018

What could Sam Hunt possibly be doing that he was too busy to show up - Kermit (@RealJimisSlim) April 16, 2018

Prior to the show, Sam revealed that his best friend and tour manager was getting married that weekend, making it a jam-packed few days for the singer. "I'm not 100 percent sure that I'm going to be able to make it out for all of the festivities," Sam told 97.1 emcee Dave O'Brien.

14. Jason Aldean won "Entertainer of the Year."

It was a moving and difficult full-circle moment for the singer and his wife Brittany, who were in Vegas for the Route 91 Harvest Festival. In his acceptance speech, Jason took a moment to reflect and thank the country community for their support.

"It's been a rough year," Jason said. "I just want to say thanks to everybody who reached out to us, that showed us love and support over the last six months. It meant the world to us. To my Route 91 people, you guys are in our hearts, always. I love you guys. And we love Las Vegas. Vegas strong, baby. Thank y'all."