Ever wonder why Meghan Markle's family won't stop talking to the press? It could have something to do with the fact that they're making tons of money off their interviews and "exclusives," which....

Anyway, Meghan Markle's controversial sister Samantha Markle just hopped on Twitter to post a report from British tabloid The Mirror, who claim she's making $100,000 off the arrival of the royal baby. HOW, you ask? That would be a combination of TV documentaries, chat show interviews, a book deal, and interviews that she charges £2,000 an hour for.

A source-who-is-totally-not-Samantha tells the magazine that "Samantha has every right to celebrate the birth of her niece or nephew in spring and will talk about her connection to Meghan, as they are family. She does not have an outlandish lifestyle so the money will make a difference to her. She has never been given a penny by Meghan so she has every right to earn her own money in this way."

Meghan's family have been dominating headlines since Thomas Markle released a private letter from her in response to The Duchess' friends shading him in an anonymous interview. And given that Meghan's sister plans to talk to the press upon the arrival of her baby, don't expect a family reunion anytime soon.