While taking a break from clapping back at a columnist on Twitter for claiming her "Twerk" music video doesn't empower women, Cardi B is getting a little sentimental and letting everyone know she misses her family.

Cardi took to her Instagram stories to share a picture of her ex and rapper Offset and their baby Kulture all cuddled up during one of their video chats. Cardi wrote, "I wanna go home" across the pic and covered her and Kulture's face with giant heart emojis. So pure! And kudos to Cardi for posting something like that and being completely honest and open about her feelings toward her family.

Cardi hasn't been shy about missing Offset and sharing what her sex life has been like since they've split, but just because she posted this, that doesn't mean she wants to actually start dating him again. She could just mean she wants to be home and around her family right now, because who wouldn't want to be around the cutest baby ever?

Judging by her Insta stories after that Offset one, it looks like she is indeed away from home and on a video shoot for a track that she's keeping under wraps. Though, if she did want to get back with him-there are reports about that very possibility-what about it??? In the words of the great Bronx rapper, "Okurr!"