Pussy Riot likes Hello Kitty.

On a previous trip to NYC, Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of the Russian group, visited female prisoners on Rikers Island and inmates throughout New York state.

“Most young women go shopping when they come here,” Marina Abramovic, the pioneering performance artist, told her at Florence Gould Hall Monday night.

Tolokonnikova was sentenced to two years imprisonment — part of it served near Siberia — for “hooliganism” after performing “Punk Prayer” in a Moscow church.

With Pussy Riot performing at the Hall at Elsewhere in Brooklyn Thursday, the beautiful masked activist told Abramovic she had bought a Hello Kitty purse here.

“If I wear a pink T-shirt and carry this Hello Kitty purse to my next demonstration,” Tolokonnikova explained, “the police will look ridiculous when they arrest me.”