Did you start your year off by dethroning a Kardashian/Jenner from the most liked Instagram post ever? Methinks not. But @World_Record_Egg solidified its place in current Instagram history by posting this image, taken from Shutterstock, and amassing an impressive 50 million likes... all in the name of being number one. Bless you, Instagram. (Alas, the egg was bought by FuckJerry. You used to be good, egg!)

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The Bird Box Challenge

Bird Box came out at the end of last year, but its influence lives on in a lot of memes. Most notably, people have been putting blindfolds on, á la the movie. More dangerously, some people have attempted the Bird Box challenge, which includes doing various tasks with said blindfold on. It got bad enough that Netflix had to put out a statement asking people to stop.Twitter/@PaddyJMurphy

Can't Hear, Can't Speak, Can't See

Bird Box is the rare exception of a cultural moment that spawned several different memes, but toward the top of the heap is this one. Based off the films Hush (can't hear), A Quiet Place (can't speak), and Bird Box (can't see), the big finish is whatever you want the punchline to be. See: Meryl Streep.Twitter/@streepvcute

Adam Levine's Super Bowl Shirt

This meme didn't end up being as good as the Justin Timberlake texting kid from last year, but then again, Maroon 5 wasn't as good as Justin Timberlake was last year. What we did learn though is that we all have very similar pillows in our homes, and Adam Levine has apparently stolen one and turned it into a shirt.Twitter/@morganjordal

Netflix's 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo'

The Japanese organization specialist sparked all kinds of joy when her series hit Netflix. All about organizing, prioritizing the clutter in your life, and only keeping what "sparks joy," the Internet reacted accordingly and came up with a slew of memes. Twitter/@ben_rosen

AOC Dancing to Things

When video surfaced of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college, the GOP had a heyday with it: finally, they got her. Turns out, everyone found it adorable. Weird flex from the Republican party. Instead of a mass backlash, the video simply turned into a meme.Twitter/@aoc_dances

Shen Yun

Everyone has seen the Shen Yun Dance Tour ads. No one knows exactly what it is or if anyone has ever gone to an actual performance. But in 2019, it's emerged as a hilarious meme: an homage to arguably the most effective and ineffective marketing campaign of all time.Twitter/@xedgewin

Chinese Four Generation Meme

From what we can tell, the original post came from @kassy on Twitter, but this is the video in all its perfectly adorable glory.

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Pelosi's Petty Clap

The perfect golf clap heard 'round the Internet. Pelosi's Petty Clap is pettiness personified and best utilized when you're expressing absolute unimpressed congratulations. It can also be used simply for acknowledging Pelosi deploying the essence of Lucille Bluth.Twitter/@desusnice

How Many Times

Somehow, during his testimony before Congress, Michael Cohen was almost likable. We're not going to say that he crossed over that threshold, but we will give him credit where it's due: he's memeable as hell. The best of the crop? The "How Many Times" meme.

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Intimate Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

As soon as they touched faces, A Meme Was Born (2019). Internet users quickly pasted some text over Gaga and Cooper's to meme-ify the moment. An example? Pizza over Gaga's face. Me, over Cooper's. Boom, you have it.Screenshot

Blue Will Smith

The first reveal of Will Smith's Genie from the upcoming Aladdin took people by serious surprise. Audiences might have warmed up to it over the first few weeks, but it remains jarring nonetheless.Disney


She is the face that launched a thousand conversations between parents and children about the threats of committing suicide at the suggestion of a chicken/woman hybrid. The creepypasta was circulated around the internet as a hoax that the terrifying woman was encouraging children to kill themselves. Mostly, she's just terrifying, but the big rumor was just that: a rumor.

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Why are people taking single slices of American cheese and tossing them on their children's faces? Great question. No official answer. But there is something oddly satisfying about the gentle smack that happens and the startled face of kids realizing they've been meme'd with a slice of cheese. I mean, at least get the kid some brie?Twitter

He Has Airpods In

As we all know, the truest sign of a tool in 2019 is whomever is wearing AirPods. With those small, expensive ear nobs, a meme came to be. All you need is to PhotoShop the devices in and place the phrase, "Oh my god, he can't hear me. He has AirPods in," and you have internet magic.Twitter

Aunt Becky

It's been a tough run for Lori Loughlin and somehow in the great college scam of 2019, she has taken the brunt of the heat. Yes, she did something illegal, but the onslaught of Full House memes that have come since her indictment for paying $500K to get her daughters into USC has been awful-a total delight for the internet though.Twitter