Back in early December, The Weeknd embarked on his first-ever tour across Asia. The eight-city journey took him through Hong Kong, Bankok, Singapore, Manila, Bali, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo. I wasn't there, but I have since learned that he toured ever-so stylishly. There was merch too, which was decidedly fire. But it was only available on the tour itself-until now.

As of this very minute, and for 96 hours only, The Weeknd is dropping the full line of Asia Tour merch on his site. The collection includes two T-shirts, two long sleeves, a hoodie, two caps, a bomber jacket, a face mask, and a ranger vest that The Weeknd himself apparently liked to wear on stage. Most all of the merch is very, very cool. The T-shirt with The Weeknd's decapitated head on it is especially Good.

And hey, if nothing else, with our planet rapidly deteriorating, that face mask could come in handy in just a few short years-and stylishly so.

The capsule drops at noon EST on I suggest you act fast on that ranger vest.