Jay-Z, Serena Williams, and Katy Perry are putting their money where their mouth is by investing in ultra-popular plant-based brand Impossible Foods. According to Reuters, the company amassed $300 million in capital during their latest round of fundraising-and they have a star-studded lineup of supporters to thank.

The purveyor of Impossible Burgers-you know those patties that look, taste, and bleed like the real thing?-has earned nearly $750 million in total as part of a continued effort to end the need for animal products by 2035.

While Jay-Z, Williams, and Perry aren't the only celebs to invest-the outlet also names Jaden Smith, Trevor Noah, Will.i.am, Zedd, and more-Perry did sport a vegan burger get up to the most important night in fashion: the Met Gala. That's commitment.

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Made a meal outta it 🍔

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"We don't pay for promotions or have an agency that seeks celebrities," Impossible Foods chief financial officer David Lee told the New York Post. Perry's burger-inspired ensemble was "completely organic," he added.

Although the company's key competitor Beyond Meat went public just last week, Impossible Foods has no immediate plans to follow suit. "We believe in self-reliance," Lee said, per Reuters. "Being ready to go public is a priority for the company because we need to be operating at the highest level of rigor, but we are not in a rush, nor are we announcing an IPO filing."

For now, they're just coasting on those Hollywood paychecks.