ILoveMakonnen keeps his momentum rolling into the new year on his lavish new "Spendin'" featuring Gucci Mane, out today (Jan. 11).

"I made 'Spendin' to be a fun song that you can play anywhere," Makonnen explained of the track featuring co-production from Louis Bell, Brenton Duvall, and Roofeeo. "It's about spending money on things you love and spending time with people who hate you. People always like to hate when you're spending."

On the track, Gucci Mane affirms his bold proclamation of him being the greatest rapper ever and even compares himself to being the Jay-Z of the South. "I'm spendin' money like I'm printin' in the house/ I'm the tap god, I'm the Jay-Z of the South/ I'm the coolest nigga I done ever seen/ If you ask me, I'm the GOAT, but that just me/ Fuck your opinion, my opinion, back to spendin," Guwop confidently raps.

Outside of "Spendin'", the pair previously teamed up for "Cash Cash" and "Take it Easy" back in 2015.

Give "Spendin'" a listen below.