No selfie is worth your life, and yet people still continue to snap up-close photos with wild animals.

The most recent incident is out of southern Odisha, India, where a man tried to take a selfie with a wounded bear and the predator mauled and killed the man in response, reports Hindustan Times.

Gruesome footage of the attack shows Prabhu Bhatara approaching the bear, who is lying on the grass, to take a picture. According to, the bear started to maul Bhatara shortly after he approached. A ranger for the forest area where the attack occurred, Dhanurjaya Mohapatr, said in a statement that Bhatara died instantly and the bear involved is currently being treated for injuries.

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Bhatara came across the bear while driving back from a wedding in a SUV. The vehicle stopped so the occupants could relieve themselves, and that is when the man spotted the bear and tried to get a selfie with the wild animal.

His travel companions warned against the photo, but were not able to stop Bhatara from attempting the stunt.

According to the New York Post, this is the third selfie-related wild animal attack in Odisha in the past year. Two others were reportedly crushed to death on separate occasions while trying to take a selfie with a wild elephant.