Everyone knows the Earth is round, but what one rapper is presupposing is: What if it isn't? It's 2017, and flat-Earth theories are making something of a comeback (NBA stars seem to be uniquely susceptible).

Mashable reports one person who thinks we've been lied to by the "cult" of science is B.o.B. The rapper launched a GoFundMe page last week to prove wrong the people who believe the Earth is round.

He's aiming to raise $200,000 to "launch one, if not multiple," satellites into space in order to "find the curve" of the Earth. Or, as the Independent puts it: B.o.B is raising money "to send satellites where satellites have definitely been before, to see nothing new and witness what everyone already knows."

B.o.B first shared his flat-Earth beliefs on Twitter last year.

In one tweet, for example, he wondered why two cities 16 miles apart appear to be on a straight line and not a curve on the horizon.

He claims the world has been "tremendously deceived" and people need to "grow up" and realize the world is just a flat disc. This led to a brief rap-based feud with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

In a diss track aimed at the astrophysicist, B.o.B rapped: "Globalists see me as a threat, free thinking got the world at my neck." He also claimed deGrasse Tyson was being paid to promote round-Earth ideas.

As of Tuesday afternoon, B.o.B's GoFundMe had raised approximately $1,900, though at least some of the donations don't appear to be in good faith. "Here's $5 to prove yourself wrong," one donor writes.

This article originally appeared on Newser: Rapper Starts GoFundMe to Prove Earth Is Flat