Get ready for an NFL first: On Monday, father and daughter Kevin Harlan and Olivia Harlan Dekker will be part of a three-person team announcing the Green Bay Packers vs.

the San Francisco 49ers for the Westwood One radio network, USA Today reports. It's the first time a father-daughter duo have shared an NFL broadcast, according to a statement from the network, though Marv Albert and son, Kenny, shared several broadcasts during the 2004-05 season.

On Monday, Harlan and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner will be in the both doing play-by-play and analysis, respectively. Dekker will be the sideline reporter.

In the statement, Harlan said, "This will be an incredibly proud moment for our family," with Dekker, a college football sideline reporter for ESPN, saying, "To work an NFL game together on national radio is a personal and professional highlight for me."

This article originally appeared on Newser: Father-Daughter Duo Will Make NFL History Monday