Wisconsin, Michigan Republicans enact lame-duck…

Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan enacted last-minute limits on Democratic power Friday, with GOP governors in both Upper Midwest states signing laws protecting their priorities before leaving office in less than a month

Russia proposes UN resolution to preserve INF…

Russia has submitted a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly in support of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

The First Transgender Contestant Competes In Miss…

Miss Spain Angela Ponce says she wants to be a role model for transgender children as she competes in this year's beauty pageant.

Former City Council candidate faces jail time for illegal tree removal

A former South Carolina City Council candidate faces five days in jail for the chopping down of two trees in a sneaky attempt to increase the value of a property.

Mark Zuckerberg Slammed After Failing to Show for…

Mark Zuckerberg was represented by an empty chair at an “international grand committee” on fake news and disinformation in London on Tuesday, after repeatedly refusing invitations to give evidence to lawmakers present representing nine countries.

Death of 7-year-old on border raises questions

7-year-old Guatemalan girl appeared healthy to Border Patrol agents; hours later she was dead.

Woman arrested after racist tirade in NYC subway

A Brooklyn woman whose racist, profanity-laced tirade on the New York subway was captured on video this week has been charged with felony assault charges after she struck a fellow straphanger, authorities said.

Analysis: Trump changed his stories on Cohen

The Associated Press's White House reporter Jonathan Lemire describes how President Donald Trump changed his opinion and reaction to the Michael Cohen matter. (Dec. 14)

You can own an 80-foot forestry tower in South Carolina, but there's a catch

Christmas shoppers in South Carolina looking for a gift that towers above the rest may be in luck.

Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos…

Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Reports to Prison

Florida tale of infidelity and homicide ends with…

After spellbinding trial featuring tales of infidelity and a multimillion dollar insurance payout, a jury convicts a Florida woman of helping to mastermind the killing of her husband decades ago

Woman arrested after racist tirade on NYC subway

A Brooklyn woman whose profanity-laced tirade on the New York subway was captured on video has been charged with a felony after she struck a fellow passenger.

UNC board rejects plan to house Confederate statue

North Carolina's public university system rejects proposal to build a $5 million structure to house a toppled Confederate statue. (Dec. 14)

Family says woman was left for dead on first date, files wrongful death suit against man: report

The family of a Florida woman that claims she was left for dead after falling off a motorcycle during a first date filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Friday against the New York man she apparently met on Tinder, reports said Friday.

President Trump Defends His Backing of…

Fox News, NBC and Facebook Inc. yanked a controversial political ad about the migrant caravan after critics described the commercial backed by President Donald Trump as racist

California is first state to mandate…

California is moving to eliminate fossil fuels from its fleet of 14,000 transit buses, enacting a first-in-the-nation mandate that will vastly increase the number of electric buses on the road

New Jersey law says wild animals can't be used in…

Known as "Nosey's Law," the new law makes it illegal to use wild and exotic animals in traveling animal acts.

China Buys US Soybeans For First Time Since Trade…

​Shipments are expected to occur sometime during the 2018/2019 marketing year.

California Dem accused of child cruelty says he spanked daughter, cops say injury not on buttocks: report

A California lawmaker arrested earlier this week on suspicion of child cruelty said Thursday that the allegation stemmed from spanking his 7-year-old daughter.

NBC News Cancels Megyn Kelly Today Following…

NBC News Cancels Megyn Kelly Today Following Blackface Controversy

Beto O'Rourke still undecided as 2020 White House…

When it comes to a 2020 presidential run, Beto O'Rourke is still playing hard to get

7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Died While In Border…

At least one investigation is already underway after a Guatemalan girl died while she was detained by the Department of Homeland Security.

Democrats demand answers, DHS investigation into death of Guatemalan girl, 7

Congressional Democrats are demanding a full accounting with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials after a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died while in U.S. custody, a report said Friday.