UN climate talks in Poland go into overtime

Officials from around the world are still working to agree on the fine print of the Paris climate accord after two weeks of talks, even as workers busily dismantle sections of the conferenced venue around them

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the 'Peanuts' crew headed to Apple

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the "Peanuts" crew are headed to Apple.

Facebook Bug Gave App Developers Access to Some…

The apps had access to some users' photos for a 12 day span in September.

California is first state to mandate…

California is moving to eliminate fossil fuels from its fleet of 14,000 transit buses, enacting a first-in-the-nation mandate that will vastly increase the number of electric buses on the road

Google CEO defends big business amid Trump antitrust threats

Google, including YouTube, is said to be responsible for at least 90 percent of internet searches.

A $1 Billion Apple Campus Is Coming To Austin…

The company announced Thursday the 133-acre campus will employ 5,000 new workers.

Alaska groups sue EPA to enforce clean air laws…

Three Alaska groups are suing the Environmental Protection Agency to demand it enforce the cleanup of polluted air around the state's second-largest city

Iran-linked hacking group targeted US officials in apparent sanction retaliation, report says

An Iran-linked hacking group named Charming Kitten reportedly tried to break into the private emails of more than a dozen U.S. officials and nuclear scientists during the last month in retaliation for the Trump administration’s decision to re-impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Up For Debate: Has Silicon Valley Lost Its Soul?

Newsy partners with Intelligence Squared U.S. to restore critical thinking. In this debate, experts take on the fate of Silicon Valley.

Bug may have exposed photos from 7M Facebook users

Facebook says a software bug may have exposed a broader set of photos to app developers than users had granted permission for

How to stop Apple and Google from tracking you

Google and Apple can track your every move. But there are ways to mitigate this or shut it down.

Google CEO Defends Company's Privacy Practices…

In a House committee hearing, Sundar Pichai was asked about how Google tracks location data and if it's biased against conservative voices.

Detentions raise fears, cast doubt on China's…

China's detentions of Canadians worries executives, raises doubts about commitment to reform

Google could be collecting this data without you realizing

This is the data the company might have if you don’t adjust your privacy controls.

Google+ Will Shut Down Sooner Than Planned

Google+ will shut down in April instead of August.

Apple upstages Amazon in selecting new tech hub…

Apple upstages Amazon in selecting new tech hub locations without a circus-like contest pitting cities against each other.

Google remains US digital ad king despite Congressional scrutiny

Google is expected to earn $47.89 billion in U.S. digital advertising revenue in 2019.

Documents Suggest Facebook Leveraged User Data…

The documents were released by a company suing Facebook for restricting its access to user data.

Billionaire builds beach access app after…

A tech billionaire whose wedding violated California rules has helped create a smartphone app that shows users a map of more than 1,500 spots where people can get to the coastline

Google Plus to shut down early after second security flaw revealed

The disclosure comes one day before Google CEO Sundar Pichai is set to testify before Congress to address concerns about political bias.

UK's BT Group To Stop Using 'Core' Huawei Network…

The company also says it won't accept Huawei's bid for its upcoming 5G project.

Virgin Galactic tourism rocket ship reaches space…

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic tourism spaceship reaches space for first time during test flight in California