Demolition levels UK power plant once named a top…

A British power station once voted one of the country's ugliest sights has been mostly destroyed in a controlled demolition

Ransomware attack cripples at least 20 local Texas agencies, state government says

At least 20 local government entities across Texas have been taken hostage by a coordinated ransomware attack, the Texas Department of Information Resources announced Friday.

Verizon Sells Tumblr For A Fraction Of Its Buying…

Back in 2013, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Six years later, Tumblr has reportedly lost over 99% of its value.

Blooms, beasts affected as Alaska records hottest…

Alaska's warmest month ever was good for gardens but hard on life elsewhere in the state

Work from home jobs could pose cyber security threat to businesses, insurer says

The majority of small business owners said they let their employees work remotely when it’s needed, but many haven’t trained those employees on cyber security.

Uber Shows Record Loss In Q2 Earnings Report

Uber reported a $5.2 billion loss in its second quarter.

National lab details $13B in building plans over next decade

Officials at Los Alamos National Laboratory say they have plans for $13 billion worth of construction projects over the next decade at the northern New Mexico complex

Hackers wanted: Apple offering $1M to hack iPhone

Apple is looking for hackers to find vulnerabilities in iPhones and Macs, and soon all researchers will get a crack at the bounty.

Facebook Loses Appeal In Facial Recognition…

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling and allowed the class-action suit to proceed.

From tusks to tails, nations eye trade in…

Representatives of some 180 nations are meeting to agree on protections for vulnerable species, taking up issues such as the trade in ivory and the demand for shark fin soup that is decimating shark populations

Facebook loses facial-recognition privacy appeal and could pay billions in fines

Facebook lost a federal appeal on Thursday in a lawsuit over facial-recognition data. That could lead to the company paying massive fines over its privacy practices.

FedEx Set To End Ground Delivery Deal With Amazon

​The move will essentially cut all domestic ties between the two companies at the end of the month.

Steel mill sorry for spill that killed fish…

A steel company has apologized for a spill of cyanide and ammonia that led to a fish kill and prompted the closure of beaches along Lake Michigan

High-tech clothing lets you turn on electronics and repel bacteria

Your shirt might soon be able to turn on the lights and music, in addition to wicking away bacteria and sweat.

Shootings Put Fresh Scrutiny On The Web's Free…

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act lets companies moderate content without fear of legal retribution. It extends to 8chan as well.

Thailand's lost baby dugong dies from shock, eating plastic

An 8-month-old dugong nurtured by marine experts after it was found lost near a beach in southern Thailand has died of what biologists believe was a combination of shock and ingesting plastic waste

Are Microsoft employees listening to your sexy phone calls?

Microsoft reportedly joins Apple, Google and Amazon in listening in on private conversations.

Google Commits To Using Recycled Materials In Its…

The company's latest sustainability plan also includes a pledge for 100% carbon-neutral shipping by 2022.

Google employees call for pledge not to work with…

Hundreds of Google employees are calling on the company to pledge it won't work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or ICE _ the latest in a year full of political and social pushback from the tech giant's workforce

AMD soars after Google, Twitter say they're using its new chips

AMD shares were up more than 15 percent Thursday.

Deplatforming 8Chan Is A Start, But May Not…

8chan lost technical support from Cloudflare, but it's reportedly re-establishing itself on a different platform.

NASA picks Alabama's 'Rocket City' for lunar…

NASA has picked Alabama's 'Rocket City' to manage astronauts' next lunar lander