Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car…

Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Series makes its way to Florida to hit Daytona International Speedway.

Tesla gears up for fully self-driving cars amid…

Tesla CEO Musk is expected to provide a deeper look into the company's self-driving technology but experts are skeptical it can do what he says

Hot Wheels™ Legends Tour: Houston

The second stop on the Legends Tour is Houston, Texas, a hotspot for lowriders and a diverse array of car cultures. Hundreds of people and their rides came out to compete to become the next Legend—and be made into an official 1/64th scale model. Which of these ridiculously wild cars will go to SEMA?

2000 Mazda RX-7 - The Rotary Loyalist

Over 800 reasons to stick with rotary power

Shocking footage shows near miss crash in…

This is the shocking moment a stolen car crashed into a Kwik Fit store, narrowly missing a man standing at a nearby cash point. The innocent bystander was lucky to escape unscathed after the Ford Fiesta ST careered past him at around 80mph. Louis Moore, 21, from Kemshed Ave, Northfield, was behind the wheel at the time of the crash on 4 January 2018. Shortly before the collision, Moore failed to stop for officers on the Alcester Road South, Birmingham. In an attempt to get away he drove the stolen motor at speeds in excess of 100mph, before smashing into the shop on Pershore Road. He was arrested at the scene and later pleaded guilty to two charges of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was jailed for two-and-a-half-years at Birmingham Crown Court. Credit: West Midlands Police

Starting in 2021, Every Mercedes-AMG Will Be a…

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers confirms the electrified future of AMG.

The Mustang Owner’s Museum opened on National…

The Mustang Owner’s Museum opened on National Mustang Day, April 17th, 2019

Vintage Road Test: 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS…

Impala With Appeal

Top Drag Racers From the Sportsman and Pro Mod…

Chevy High Performance takes a look at top Sportsman and Pro Mod drag racers from the NHRA and the NMCA.

Two Drunk Men Fall Attempting to Bike Down…

These two men had a bit too much to drink and decided to ride their bikes down a staircase at a train station. Hilariously, one of the men fell midway down the stairs and the other tripped and fell over him.

Mother's Exotic Car Paddock - Long Beach GP 2019

Millions of dollars in hyper- and supercars take over the grand prix

Cyclist has near miss with car bumper in…

Roundabouts are replacing traditional intersections in Ontario, Canada, as well as parts of the USA. Having been long proven in the UK as a way to increase safety and promote traffic flow, they are saving time as well as lives. But, because they are new, driver error is still causing problems, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the rules of the road. Highway rules are established to make driving safer and more predictable for everyone. When the other driver does what we expect he should do, it means that traffic flows without collisions. In almost every traffic collision, somebody has broken at least one rule. Roundabouts have their rules too. The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario states that drivers entering the roundabout must yield to the traffic entering on their left. They have the right of way over traffic to their right. If entering the intersection will affect a car on the left, the driver on the right is required to adjust their speed or even stop so that no evasive action is required. Anything less is a clear case of failing to yield the right of way. Cycling can be a hazardous means of transportation. Being smaller, they are sometimes overlooked. Drivers naturally underestimate their speed as well and they often pull out in front of a cyclist. This cyclist is approaching the roundabout where both roads have a posted speed limit of 80km/h, or 50mph. Entering the roundabout too slowly causes the risk of attracting aggression from drivers behind. He is coming down a hill at almost 30mph, looking carefully to his left. Nothing is coming and it is his right to enter the roundabout. He is aware of a pickup truck closer behind him than would be considered polite. He is also aware of the traffic approaching from the right, but they are required to stop or slow down until he passes. The driver of the red car has been at a stop to wait for the large truck that was in the intersection at the start. It appears that the driver didn't look to the left because they pulled out in front of the cyclist. Trying to watch everything at once, he catches on after a moment that the red car is now in his path and it is moving slowly enough that he has to hit the brakes. The cyclist is riding a bike with skinny racing tires and tiny brake calipers. He squeezes the brakes hard but he cannot risk skidding while banking for the corner or his bike will slide out from under him and he will be in even more danger of being struck. Even if a car does not hit him, sliding on the pavement will cause extreme road rash and other injuries. His eyes are locked on the rear bumper of the red car and his front wheel misses it by mere inches. He cannot risk glancing to the right to see if the SUV has followed the red car into the roundabout. He also cannot risk a look over his shoulder to see if the truck behind him is stopping. Luckily, he is able to clear the roundabout without being struck. Incidents like this one are very common for cyclists. Whether it is a lack of attention or a lack of consideration, drivers frequently frighten cyclists with near misses that they are probably not even aware of. And in fairness, many cyclists drive in a dangerous manner, creating frustration from motor vehicle drivers.

Here Are the 20 Best-Sounding F1 Cars

A symphony on wheels. Formula One has given us some of the greatest engine noises of all time. Here are the best of the best.

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Built by Greening Auto Company and powered by an LT4 engine, this is one of the coolest Pro Touring 1970 Novas around.

Bicyclist's camera captures MBTA bus running red…

Just hours after a woman was hit and killed by an MBTA bus, a local commuter and self-described urban cycling advocate recorded video of a bus running a red light.

Motegi Super Drift Challenge - Long Beach GP 2019

There's no stopping Forrest Wang in the Get Nuts Lab S14, as he adds 2 more victories to his Long Beach podium count

Tense car accident in Toronto caught on dash cam

Look towards the left side to witness a careless driver smash into an oncoming car. Crazy!

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The guy behind this new 502-hp 911 explains how independent throttle bodies kill two birds with one stone.

Custom License Plate Gallery from the Mustang 55th

Personalized Plate Gallery from the Mustang’s 55th Anniversary Event

The BFG 1969 Corvette Rides Again

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Calvin Atwell III turned his ’01 Bullitt driver into a supercharged showstopper

A Decade of Danny

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