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  • Watch Outcast® on Cinemax®

    Watch Outcast® on Cinemax®

    A small-town pariah returns home to wrestle with the otherworldly forces that scarred him as a child – and are threatening to wreak havoc on the town once again, despite the efforts of a vigilant local minister.

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  • Watch Strike Back® on Cinemax®

    Watch Strike Back® on Cinemax®

    The action-packed hit series is back with a fresh team of fearless commandos, recruited by the newly reformed Section 20 to hunt down a fanatical terrorist and his renegade wife.


  • Watch Rellik on Cinemax®

    Watch Rellik on Cinemax®

    A thrilling dramatic series told in reverse, Rellik unravels the truth behind a series of murders as an unrelenting detective Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) hunts down a brutal killer.


  • Watch C.B. Strike on Cinemax®

    Watch C.B. Strike on Cinemax®

    Based on the bestselling novels from J.K. Rowling, this detective series follows a private investigator throughout the streets of London.


  • Watch Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour BusSM on Cinemax®

    Mike Judge returns to his animation roots to chronicle the humorous, tragic, unbelievable tales of some of country music's most eccentric characters.


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