Get the history of NFL SUNDAY TICKET

Get the history of NFL SUNDAY TICKET

750 customers signed up in 1994 that are still subscribers today!

In honor of their 25 seasons of loyalty each received NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX at no cost this year.

Nov 27, 1994

NFL SUNDAY TICKET launches on DIRECTV airing 10 games in Standard Definition that historical Sunday!

Crisper Picture

Making for a lot fewer arguments about those close calls, select games were now in High Definition!

Mixed it up

Even more football. Game Mix Channels officially launch, allowing you to watch 8 games on one screen.

Total non-stop action with the introduction of the RED ZONE CHANNEL®

Introducing the Player Tracker

A new way to track your favorite players! A total fantasy football "fantasy".

All games, all HD!

Plus, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET mobile app also launches, expanding from screens to streams!

NFL SUNDAY TICKET included at no extra cost to new DIRECTV customers for the first time!

Football Maxed Out!


Fantasy becomes reality with the launch of DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® CHANNEL

NFLST.TV streaming service launched

Football on your phone!

Mobile streaming included for ALL NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET celebrates 25 seasons on DIRECTV!