Game of Thrones: These Dragons are About to Change Everything

By AT&T Digital Media Productions editorial team

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is gearing up to be the most epic season yet, with Daenerys’ dragons sitting front and center. I mean, it’s DRAGONS. They breathe fire, eat men whole and are basically living, flying weapons of mass destruction! And this season they’ll be bigger and more battle-ready than ever. But what do we know about the most fearsome creatures in Westeros? Here we go.


daenerys' dragons

Where did they come from?

We all know dragons are cool, but the way they’re introduced to the show is about as baller as you can get. With one part magic, two parts revenge and a dash of mother’s intuition, Daenerys ties Maegi Mirri to Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre, walks into the flames, and emerges naked and unburnt with three baby dragons. Essentially, she had to whip up a human sacrifice + fire + blood magic combo to get the eggs to hatch. How did she know it would work? How did she know she wouldn’t be burnt? Because she touched a hot egg ONE TIME and wasn’t hurt? That’s a pretty massive leap of faith if you ask me, but we’re so glad she did it. Because dragons!




Drogon is the baddest b of them all, and why shouldn’t he be? He’s named after Khal Drogo. He also has the attitude of a rebellious teenager—nothing is off limits. Sheep? Delicious. Children? Nomnomnom. And when you’re the biggest, most badass dragon in the world, who’s going to hold you back? Daenerys does her best to but fails to imprison Drogon after he noshes on a goat herder’s child. But it’s a good thing, because he majorly saves her butt from the Sons of the Harpy in Season 5. In general, he’s overly protective of mom, and it makes us love him even more.


When you’re named after a whiny, pretentious sadist like Daenerys’ brother, Viserys, you’re bound to be a little dramatic. Luckily, Viserion doesn’t take too much after his namesake. Sure, he breathed fire at Dany when she came to visit him in his prison, but wouldn’t you be miffed if mom locked you in a closet? And why did Daenerys name her dragon after the brother that was so cruel to her? We like to think that it’s so he could help her achieve what Viserys couldn’t in life.


Named after Daenerys’ older and hopefully more even-tempered brother, Rhaegal is pretty chill for a dragon. We have our suspicions that he’s a yogi on the sly. This mama’s boy is slow to anger and keeps things copacetic, and it seems like he’s happy to take a back seat to Drogon and Viserion. Maybe it’s just easy being green.

We can’t wait for the final season. Tune in to watch the epic battles on HBO.