Real life Game of Thrones Locations: Take a tour of these vacation hot spots

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If you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, there are only two seasons of the year—Game of Thrones season and not Game of Thrones season. But what do you do in the off-season, when you’re jonesing hard for your GoT fix? Pray to the Old Gods? String yourself up from a Weirwood? Here’s a suggestion: quit being so dramatic and take a Game of Thrones-inspired vacation. Here are our top picks:


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Croatia: King’s Landing and Braavos

Perhaps the most iconic filming location in Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik, Croatia is home to the breathtaking kingdom of King’s Landing. Here, fans can meander the streets of the Lannisters’ domain. But lay off the sweets before you go—the streets are so narrow that the production crew had to hire Sherpas to help carry their equipment! For the best swimming and sunbathing weather, go during the “shoulder months” of May and June or September and October.

Where to stay:

These digs would be up to Joffrey’s standards, but with fewer subjects to terrorize. Eat and drink like a king at the Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik hotel, and set up a lookout for incoming Dothraki hoards on the Adriatic.

Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik hotel
Image Courtesy of Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel

GoT excursions:

  • Tour the land of Braavos, where Arya to find Jaquen H’ghar in Season 4.
  • Strip your clothes off in Dubrovnik and do the walk of shame exactly where Cersei did! We hear Croatian jails are nice this time of year…

What else to do:
Douse the wildfire with a dip in the picturesque Adriatic Sea, known as the Narrow Sea in Westeros.

Book a tour here:
Walk the streets of King’s Landing with tours of breathtaking ruins, markets and monuments, ending with a traditional Croatian culinary feast.


Mussenden Temple
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Northern Ireland: Most GoT Filming Locations in One Place

If you want to tour the most Game of Thrones filming locations in one place, Northern Ireland is your best bet. The North is home to at least 11 locations that have been featured in the series. Plan your visit for the spring or fall to save money and avoid the summer crowds or winter weather. 

Where to stay:

It might not be Winterfell, but it has running water and electric! Throw off your furs and settle into the luxurious Magherabuoy House Hotel.  

Magherabuoy House Hotel
Image Courtesy of Magherabuoy House Hotel

GoT excursions:

  • Visit the Dark Hedges, known as The Kingsroad in Westeros.
  • Tour Downhill Beach where Melisandre burned the Old Gods.
  • Check out Mussendon Temple, where Stannis’ Dragonstone Castle is located.
  • Jump in Ballintoy Harbour, where Euron was confirmed as the new king of the Ironborn by surviving a drowning ritual.
  • If you’re feeling really bold, venture into Tollymore Forest Park, Westeros’ Haunted Forest where the Stark children found their direwolves and also where we first see a White Walker in Season 1.
  • Rally the troops and check out Magheramorne Quarry, where many scenes from the episode “Hardhome” were filmed, including a massive attack on the Wildlings by the White Walkers.

What else to do:
Make Tyrion proud with a trip to the oldest whiskey distillery in the world, Bushmill’s.

Book a tour here:
Watch out for wildlings as you wander the cold North! Wear Stark cloaks and Ironborn jerkins as you explore filming locations on this tour.

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Surviving members of House Martell will want to visit Spain to get a glimpse of Dorne. Plan your visit during the spring or fall to avoid the heat of the summer months.

Where to stay:

Sand Snakes are welcome at Hotel Amadeus. Relax at the pool, have a cocktail, avenge the death of your Prince – just watch out who you kiss in Dorne!

Image Courtesy of Hotel Amadeus

GoT excursions:

  • Scenes from Prince Oberyn Martell’s palace were filmed at The Alcazar in Seville, Spain, home to the Spanish royal family.
  • A short ride from Seville will take you to Plaza de Toros in Osuna, where the famous gladiator arena was filmed in Season 5.

What else to do:
Aside from drinking your weight in cheap Spanish wine, the Seville Cathedral gets top reviews online. Honestly, everything is beautiful in Seville, so just walk around.

Book a tour here:
Palm trees, sun, sand—you must be in the South of Dorne…I mean Spain. Gear up for gossip from the locals about on-set drama on this tour.  


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Iceland: Land Beyond the Wall

Take a trip beyond The Wall when you travel to Iceland. Don’t forget the dragon glass to protect yourself from White Walkers and wildlings—their scenes were almost exclusively filmed here. For a mix of good weather and more prominent Northern Lights displays, visit Iceland from August to October.

Where to stay:

When you’re in the North, accommodations are scarce, unless you’re at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina. Just don’t go out at night, this is White Walker country.

Image Courtesy of Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina


GoT excursions:

  • Tour the cave where Jon and Ygritte Netflix and chilled.
  • Visit the tundra where the White Walkers attacked the Night’s Watch.
  • See the grassy hills of Thingvellir National Park where Brienne shows the Hound what it means to be a feminist.

What else to do:
If you go during the winter, you might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

Book a tour here:
You’ll know nothing if you don’t visit the home of Jon Snow. Book this tour and explore everything north of The Wall.

With all of the exotic destinations to consider when planning your Game of Thrones vacation, you could have your travel itinerary stocked for a few years’ worth of vacations. For more getaway inspiration, tune into Game of Thrones every Sunday at 19/8c on HBO.