The Bachelorette: Westeros Edition

Since ditching Daario Naharis, Daenerys Targaryen has been a Single Mother of Dragons. Time to run down the list of worthy Westerosi suitors.

We’ve waited six seasons for this: Daenerys Targaryen has finally returned to her homeland to reclaim her birthright. But while getting power is hard, keeping power is harder (that’s kind of the thesis of this whole show). Westeros is full of powerful lords who remain skeptical of her claim, and so far Daenerys has done just fine without them. But if there was ever a need for her to form an alliance, there are a number of eligible partners she can choose from.

The dragon queen has already wed twice, both times to secure political alliances. But her first two husbands are dead, and now she can be picky. And if she’s in it for the long haul, she should be picky. After all, Westerosi weddings have a history of being dangerous. 

With that in mind, here are the most valuable, viable, and politically advantageous bachelors that Dany has to choose from. Who will receive the final rose? Wait—that’s the Tyrell sigil. Well, you get the idea.



Look, we all know where this is going. If the Mother of Dragons is fire, then she might hook up with ice. And for that, there’s…

Jon Snow, King in the North

Pros: Cute, principled, and likes to please a bossy gal.

Cons: He’s her nephew.

Daenerys might think she’s the last Targaryen, but she’s so not. Jon Snow is actually the secret love child of Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar, the older brother Dany never knew. Like Rhaegar, Jon is a capable leader blessed with patience and humility, respected by his peers, and beloved by his men. Jon’s cooling influence has already begun to temper the hot-headed dragon queen: romantic or not, they’re a good pair.

When Jon and Dany discover Jon’s true heritage, it’s sure to shift the balance of power between them. Will Jon bend the knee to his aunt? Will their flirtation be squashed by the revelation of his parentage? Maybe not. To the Targaryens, keeping it in the family is an old tradition.



Sometimes, a queen needs to keep her options open. If things don’t work out with Jon Snow, the would-be ruler of the Seven Kingdoms can always make a strategic alliance, if need be. There are plenty of highborn heirs in the Narrow Sea. 


Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen and (disputed) Warden of the West 

Pros: Clutch negotiator, brilliant strategist, secret romantic, and one of the great minds of Westeros. A legendary lover (in his own mind). He’s funny, too.

Cons: Depressed, has a drinking problem, and is sort of still married to Sansa Stark.

This one is a little tricky. First, dating your co-workers, especially when you’re their boss, is a big no-no. Plus Daenerys has been ticked off with Tyrion’s job performance as of late. Then there’s his unconsummated marriage to Sansa. Did it really count? Maybe she could pretend it never happened. No High Septon, no rules, right?

Unfortunately, the smallfolk and lords of Westeros alike despise Tyrion due to general prejudice and his family’s smear campaign. Daenerys won’t score any new friends or allies by marrying the only smart, funny, and non-evil man in the Seven Kingdoms.


Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands

Pros: Has ships, good with an axe, skilled in makeup application. While Emo Greyjoy’s not everyone’s cup of Dornish red, both of Dany’s previous husbands wore eyeliner. Third time’s the charm?

Cons: Psychotic, destroyed the Targaryen fleet, wants to marry Cersei, brags too much about his, um, assets.

This one seems like a longshot, but stranger things have happened on Game of Thrones. The Iron Islands are an oft-overlooked force in Westeros, and Euron’s fleet has already crushed Daenerys’ armada. If she wants to rebuild her navy, she might want to make overtures to Euron Greyjoy. The newly-crowned ruler of the Ironmen did declare his intention to woo and win Daenerys back in Season 6. But then again, he turned around and asked Queen Cersei for her hand, so he’s obviously not a “commitment” kinda guy. 


Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale and Warden of the East

Pros: Highly suggestible, likes flying creatures, owns an impregnable fortress.

Cons: He’s 14 years old and only recently stopped breastfeeding.

“Sweetrobin” grew up sheltered, to say the least—which isn’t a bad thing, as he’s protected by one of the best-equipped and most fiercely defended houses in Westeros. The Eyrie has never been breached by an enemy force, and the knights of the Vale still abide by old-fashioned rules of chivalry and morality (while maintaining a distinct martial edge).

The Vale has mostly stayed above the fray during recent wars and conflicts, meaning that there’s a fresh and well-stocked army ready to pledge loyalty to a sufficiently inspiring leader. If Daenerys won the support of House Arryn, by marriage or otherwise, she’d be able to rebuild her strength and get the Lannisters on the ropes. Then again, Robin is a bit needy and wants to marry his cousin, Sansa. Make us all happy, Khaleesi: swoop in on Drogon and toss Robin out the Moon Door. 



Sure, these bachelors are likely to get eliminated after the first cocktail party. But if there’s one thing we know about Game of Thrones, it’s that we know nothing, so let’s keep an open mind.


Bran Stark, Three-Eyed Raven

Pros: Can see past, present, and future. That could be useful in fighting her enemies.

Cons: Can see past, present, and future, which would make him insufferable to fight with.

Bran is the last trueborn male Stark, so he’s a key part of any alliance with the North. He also has mystic greenseer powers, which would make ruling a cinch. Then again, he has renounced his claim to Winterfell because his Three-Eyed Raven duties take precedence, making him a pretty far-fetched choice for Daenerys.


Theon Greyjoy, Prince of the Iron Islands

Pros: Single. May take over the Iron Islands if his uncle dies.

Cons: There’s that one thing, or lack thereof.

Sure, Theon is highborn, but despite being Balon Greyjoy’s last surviving son, he didn’t inherit the title. However, he and Yara already brought a contingent of Iron Islanders to the Targaryen side, and if Daenerys defeats Euron, the driftwood crown will be up for grabs again. Besides, Theon has repented and reformed somewhat since his days as a backstabbing, womanizing narcissist and all-around jerk, though he did leave his sister in the lurch. 


Jorah Mormont, recently cured of greyscale

Pros: Endlessly loyal, and disease-free.

Cons: Seems unable to take a hint.

The Khaleesi’s on-again, off-again advisor has been crushing on her since Season 1—even while secretly spying on her for King Robert, the man who took her father’s throne. After Daenerys discovered the betrayal, she banished him, forgave him, and sent him away again after he contracted greyscale. She commanded Jorah to scour the world for a cure and return to her, but did she actually think he’d pull through, or was she trying to let him down easy again?


Will Daenerys choose a consort, or will she stay single to focus on conquering the Seven Kingdoms with fire and blood?

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