In Memoriam Season 7, Episode 5

Drogon burns some more people alive, and a familiar face returns to show off his new warhammer skills

By AT&T Digital Media Productions editorial team 


Season Kill Count: 12,683 (estimated)

An episode of Game of Thrones doesn’t need to have sword fights or extravagant battles to be deadly, and this Sunday’s “Eastwatch” was right up there in delivering its share of fatalities. Gone are any pretenses that Jon Snow is not now the most legitimate heir to the Iron Throne (casually exposed by a bored Gilly), while Drogon roasted House Tarly into oblivion. Then there’s a resurgent Gendry, who’s apparently done rowing and willing to show off his prowess with a warhammer.

Let’s take a moment to say goodbye to those we lost this week. House Tarly’s time as lords of the Reach comes to an early end (though technically speaking, a certain maester-in-training might still be in play), and more Lannister soldiers learn that maybe Cersei isn’t such a great boss.


Randyll Tarly

The taciturn Lord of Horn Hill, Randyll Tarly, was a prickly man, full of pride, narcissism, and some seriously misplaced anger at his eldest son, Samwell. He died clutching his younger son Dickon with the most affection Randyll had shown since...ever?

The esteemed general was regarded as the country’s finest military mind, having dealt  Robert Baratheon his only defeat at the Battle of Ashford. He took his house words, First Into Battle, to heart, prizing strength and martial ability above all. Later in his career, he became known for his political opportunism, abandoning House Tyrell for the woman who snuffed out the Golden Rose in exchange for an appointment as Warden of the South.

After a resounding defeat at the Field of Fire, he had a chance to switch sides again, but his honor got the best of him, and he accepted his fate as Drogon’s latest victim. Maybe he preferred death to a possible reunion with Samwell. At least he won’t come back as a wight.


Dickon Tarly

Sorry Dickon, but as Davos would say later in the episode, “It’s better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life.” Just as we were starting to know your name, you go and do something “honorable” like joining your father to become dragon toast.

Dickon may have been the second son of House Tarly, but thanks to his swordplay (and older brother Sam’s wildling girlfriend), he was first in Lord Randyll’s heart. Dickon seemed like a decent young man, a simple soul forced into a ruthless world. He was a good fighter and hunter, and, whether out of love or fear, loyal to his house. Dickon was happy to appease his father and serve whatever King or Queen of the week Randyll had his eye on. Dickon, we hardly knew you, but you were one of the good ones, sort of.

It falls on Samwell to uphold the Tarly name now. Since he’s cut his maester training short, it seems possible that he’ll prove a worthy Lord of Horn Hill—and with that Valyrian steel sword he stole from Dad, perhaps an important ally to Jon Snow.


Those Two Corrupt Gold Cloaks

Swindlers and lion loyalists, these morally flexible members of the City Watch, whom we’ll call Chad and Brad, were destined to die the moment they took a bite of Davos’ fermented crab.

Chad and Brad grew up bullying the other kids in the villages around Casterly Rock and negging girls they liked. They were inseparable, mostly because no one else could stand to be around them. In fact, they’re the only two men ever denied service at Littlefinger’s brothel, despite offering three times the going rate. Figuring the ladies of King’s Landing might tolerate a man in uniform, they joined the City Watch. The armor was shiny, and so were the gold dragons they extorted from smugglers and criminals in exchange for turning a blind eye.

Unfortunately, no amount of gold can stop a warhammer. Gendry was quick to strike as they realized that a certain dwarf with a massive scar just might be Tyrion Lannister. If only fermented crab stiffened one’s face instead.


Jon’s Bastard Status

With Drogon’s tender snout boop, the theory that Jon is really a Targaryen has all but been confirmed, thanks in part to Gilly’s improved reading skills. It turns out “Ragger” Targaryen annulled his marriage to Elia Martell to secretly marry Lyanna Stark in Elia’s own backyard. (Also dead this week: the myth of Prince Rhaegar, the handsome chill guy who just likes to sing and play the harp. Elia deserved better!)

As the trueborn first son of a first son, Jon now has a better claim to the Iron Throne than the other so-called last Targaryen. So, um, Auntie Daenerys? Maybe you should be the one to bend the knee.

With Jon’s completely insane mission beyond the Wall coming up, there are sure to be more deaths in Episode 6. (Does it count as a kill if they’re already dead?)


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