Could Gendry Be Coming Back?!

Season 7 will see the return of everybody’s favorite oarmaster, Gendry Waters


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At the Game of Thrones season premiere event in Los Angeles, fans were surprised to see the return of a familiar face: Joe Dempsie, also known as Gendry Waters. A skilled blacksmith, a real bastard, and an apparently vigorous rower, Thrones fans have speculated on Gendry’s fate for three whole seasons. Where has he been? Will he be part of an epic plot twist? Was he really rowing this entire time? Here’s a refresher on Gendry’s role in past seasons, and speculation on what he might be up to in Season 7.


Season 1

Ned Stark’s investigation into the murder of former Hand of the King Jon Arryn leads him to a blacksmith’s workshop in King’s Landing, where Gendry is working as an apprentice, unaware of his status as a bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. Gendry displays a prodigious talent for smithing, and is very protective of his work, even refusing to sell Ned a helm he has made.

Ned discovers that Arryn was tracking down all the Baratheon bastards to prove the illegitimacy of Cersei’s children. After King Robert’s death, Gendry becomes a threat to Joffrey’s rule, and heads north along with Arya Stark, posing as a young boy named “Arry” to join the Night’s Watch.

Season 2

During their journey north on the Kingsroad, Gendry befriends Arya, realizing that “Arry” is actually a girl. Arya drops her disguise and confides to Gendry her own highborn parentage, swearing him to secrecy.

The group is stopped by a band of Crown soldiers looking for Gendry, who remains unaware of his identity. They kill the Night’s Watch recruiter Yoren and some of the group, imprisoning the rest. Arya manages to convince the soldiers that Gendry was among the casualties of the attack.

The survivors are taken to Harrenhal, which has been taken over by the sadistic Ser Gregor Clegane. One of his men, “The Tickler,” is particularly cruel, and right as Gendry is selected as his next victim, Tywin Lannister shows up, explaining that the prisoners are more useful alive.

As a trained blacksmith, Gendry is sent to work at the castle’s forge. After Tywin leaves (and The Tickler is mysteriously killed, definitely not by Jaqen H’ghar), Arya convinces Jaqen to help her, Gendry, and Hot Pie escape.


Season 3

After leaving Harrenhal, the three friends are captured by the Brotherhood without Banners. Gendry helps them fix their armor, and bonds with the men, forming a familial connection for arguably the first time in his life. Arya is disappointed that Gendry wishes to remain with the Brotherhood because she’d hoped to take him back to Winterfell. Unfortunately, neither of them gets what they want, as the Brotherhood sells Gendry to the red priestess Melisandre.

During their trip to Stannis Baratheon’s fortress on Dragonstone, Melisandre reveals Gendry’s true heritage. Once they arrive, she puts Gendry up in an extravagant room, plying him with fine wine. Once again, Gendry’s life takes a turn for the worse, as Melisandre ties him to the bed and leeches his blood for a ritual. He’s then thrown into a dimly-lit, dirty cell beneath the castle.

Luckily for Gendry, Stannis’ lieutenant Ser Davos Seaworth frees him from his cell after becoming disillusioned with Melisandre’s practices, believing that she has led Stannis astray. Ser Davos sends Gendry back to King’s Landing on a rowboat—despite Gendry’s inability to swim.

Season 4



Season 5

Still rowing.


Side note: After Stannis is defeated, Gendry is the last living descendant of House Baratheon.


Season 6

You guessed it—still rowing!


Season 7

And he’s back!

While we don’t know for sure where he ended up, there are a few theories. Ser Davos told Gendry to sail towards King’s Landing, and to remain hidden in plain sight. But did Gendry trust him? He has a claim to the throne as the last remaining Baratheon, so heading back to Lannister territory might have been too dangerous.

Perhaps he’s been putting his smithing skills to use, creating armor and weapons maybe a warhammer like his old man’s? He may have rowed the wrong direction across the Narrow Sea and ended in one of the Free Cities of Essos, or even The Wall. Some fans believe that he might reunite with Arya as she crosses names off her kill list. If that’s the case, will they resume their more-than-friends drama? What would their portmanteau name be? Gerya? Andry?

One thing’s for sure: Gendry’s arms have gotta be jacked from all that rowing. Will he put the legendary Baratheon strength to good use?


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