You Won’t Believe What These 15 Fans Did

Game of Thrones inspires amazing fan art from around the world. See the best depictions of your favorite characters and scenes from the show.

By AT&T Digital Media Productions editorial team 


Game of Thrones has one of the most dedicated fandoms on television. With millions tuning in each week, and plenty of free time between seasons, super fans have to find a way to keep Westeros alive and well during the off-season. One of the most amazing expressions of dedication? Game of Thrones fan art. Here are some of the best pieces from around the internet.


  1. Robert M. Ball, Beautiful Death

For this officially sanctioned series, HBO commissioned to create an illustration of one death each episode. The images are filled with saturated colors and heavy symbolism making each illustration haunting and beautiful. This installment depicts Olenna Tyrell’s death (RIP, Queen of Thorns).


2.  Aaron Griffin, Sansa Stark

Griffin utilizes Photoshop and tablets to create distinctly realistic digital recreations of main characters. In this piece, we see Sansa Stark remaining unbroken in the face of Joffrey’s cruelty. The art is so realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s not still photography.


3. Magali Villeneuve,  Tywin Lannister

Villeneuve is a talented illustrator, and her art was even used in the official A Song of Ice and Fire calendar back in 2016. Her illustrations are colorful and vivid. While Charles Dance’s portrayal of Tywin Lannister is iconic, this book-inspired portrait of the master strategist proves her dedication to her craft (and her fandom)


4. Jason Palmer, Tyrion Lannister

Palmer’s painting recreates Tyrion in his best form: drinking wine. The realism and attention to detail are striking on their own, and the artistic expression afforded by painting makes it more interesting than a photo.


5. Reddit user Evayne, Sandor Clegane

The painter and Reddit user captures all the nuances of the Hound’s expression, as well as his gruff demeanor. The incredible detail and darkness in Clegane’s face contrasts with his ethereal woodland surroundings. This looks like Season 3. Perhaps Arya is nearby?


6. Andrew Ryan, Casterly Rock

This digital painting of Casterly Rock was created back in 2014 before the show ever featured the castle, and as it turns out, Ryan’s depiction was pretty spot on. The attention to Lannister-specific detail is fantastic, with golden lions guarding the entrance and a lion’s mouth carved into the mountain.


7. Ertaç Altınöz, White Walker

In this interesting series, the artist imagines dead Thrones characters in the Night King’s army. This vivid, detailed portrait of captures of a wight Smalljon Umber captures why the undead are so scary.


8. Alex Negrea, Daenerys Targaryen

This highly detailed painting of Daenerys is based on her outfit from Season 7, and shows Mother of Dragons in all her strength. We hope the show will give us all three dragons unleashed!


9. Gorchakova_art, Season 7, Episode 2

The Instagram artist paints her favorite scene from each episode. The the fairly seldom-used medium of watercolor lends an expressionist flair to this haunting scene.


10. Kayla Coombs, Daenerys Targaryen

Coombs takes on a different approach with her fan art, illustrating her favorite characters as digital cartoons. Her style is fun and unique, and Cartoon Daenerys is something every Thrones fan needs in their life.


11.Etiënne Ripzaad, Jon Snow

This digital artist uses a combination of photography, digital illustration and Photoshop to achieve such interesting artwork. The end result is a highly stylized image that looks sketched but realistic. And in this case, so brooding and dreamy.


12. Jack Upsethot, Stannis & Shireen Baratheon

The Brazilian artist uses digital retouching to transform still photography from the show into remastered “movie posters.” The heartbreaking picture of Shireen and Stannis is heightened to new levels with the fire playing off the otherwise black and white image.


13. Varsha Vijayan, Missandei

The airbrushed painting of Missandei is a stunning portrait. The central focus on her facial features and the blurred background around her draw emphasis to her expression: contemplative, fierce, and loyal.


14. Karen Kutoloski, Melisandre

The deviantart artist uses photorealism to capture the Red Priestess. The hyperrealistic digital painting uses shadow play to create an impressive and eye-catching impact.


15. Vlada Elexim, Arya Stark

This sketch of a young Arya is skillfully done and captures her innate curiosity for the world. The black and white contrasts depth to the image, making it appear both haunting and realistic.


Of course, there’s nothing like the real thing. Catch all the action that inspires the art on Game of Thrones, exclusively on HBO.