7 Memorable Shark Week Moments

By AT&T Digital Media Productions editorial team


Shark Week turns 30 this year, which is a pretty big deal for shark fans everywhere. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re counting down the most memorable Shark Week moments. Ever.

1. Great White Matrix, 2014

This episode follows scientists as they show the difference between fatal and non-fatal great white bites. The non-fatal bite looks mild and meek in comparison to the kill bite. After all, the shark is just trying to “taste and feel” its prey, not devour it whole (very comforting).

However, with 360º views of the kill bite, the viewer gets to see inside the mouth of this fearsome predator, and watch as it absolutely crushes a hunk of meat.

We learn that when the animal is trying to kill, it uses its entire body and has “no weakness.” The moral of this story is that great whites are the Golden State Warriors of the sea—it’s just not even fair.

Watch for yourself as this shark flexes its jaw muscles:


2. Monster Mako, 2015

The great white usually has the reputation as the baddest fish in the sea, but there are definitely some honorable mentions, namely the speedy mako shark.

Fun fact about these guys: they can launch themselves 30 feet into the air with their momentum (beat that, dolphins).

Probably the best part about this show, jumping sharks aside, is how casual the boat crew is about an enormous shark possibly jumping in the boat. Maybe they’re lonely out there.

Somehow they manage to add a tracker to one (seems safe), and are able to follow it for 24 hours to determine its ultimate speed. Crazy, but also super cool.

3. Deadliest Sharks, 2016

After prefacing that oceanic whitetips are some of the deadliest sharks out there, we see a couple of guys wearing scuba gear, surrounded by a ton of them in open water, while intense tribal music plays. Cue the popcorn.

These sharks wait several hours for just the right time to strike. Apparently that time is when their prey shows weakness or loses focus, so pay attention if you find yourself in the middle of the ocean surrounded by these predators with frosted tips (Hey oceanic whitetips, Justin Timberlake called, he wants his signature 90s hair style back).

For some reason the dive team keeps taking pictures of the sharks as they circle in closer. Anything for the perfect selfie.

4. Island of the Mega Shark, 2015

Let’s go ahead and point out that instead of observing sharks from, say, a CAGE, somebody thought, “Why not try an unstable plexiglass box with a hole at the top? Sounds legit.” It was legitimately terrifying.

While this diver observes the really nice sharks who definitely don’t want to eat him, the ghost cage door won’t close. Instead of leaving the cage (which seems perfectly reasonable at this point), the diver uses a bungee cord to finagle the door. Please note that there are FIVE sharks circling the cage at this point.

Enjoy watching this thrill seeker in a glass cage:

5. I Escaped Jaws II, 2014

Let’s be honest, Shark Week wouldn’t be complete without some shark attack survival stories. Everyone loves a good underdog tale, and when it comes to shark versus human, the human is definitely the underdog.

The second installment of this series gives the people more of what they want: shark survival tales. Viewers get to listen to victims relive their traumatic tales, and watch footage from the event.

It’s scary, intense, and weirdly uplifting listening to the families and friends recount their stories, and to see where they are now.

6. Shallow Water Invasion, 2016

Hammerhead sharks eating and fighting stingrays: it’s a combination better than peanut butter and jelly.

This show follows a hammerhead that has been tagged and equipped with a camera. Looks like the hammerhead is mad about something, as it attacks a stingray in incredibly shallow water.

While still petrifying, it’s exciting to watch because for once, no humans were endangered during the making of this film. Be sure to check it out.

7. Lair of the Mega Shark, 2015

This is what Shark Week is all about. Scary sharks doing scary shark things. The set up is a 20-foot great white that researchers are trying to tag, because...science.

This plan does not go smoothly, and the enormous shark nearly bites off the rope tethering the boat. It’s basically the beginning to any quality shark-based horror film.

Fortunately, the team is able to tag the shark and get back safely, but that doesn’t make this show any less nail biting.

There you have it! Sorry to the 90s and early 00s, but science (and HD cameras) have only improved, leaving the 10s with the crème de la crème of great Shark Week moments. Catch all new shark footage starting July 22 only on Discovery.