The Volunteers

The two-part AT&T Original Docuseries 'The Volunteers' takes us to Syria to witness the war between ISIS and a coalition of local and international groups.

The Volunteers: Part 1

Saturday, November 11 at 10pm ET/PT on AUDIENCE Channel 239

Filmmaker River Rainbow travels to war - torn Syria, in hopes of documenting stories of the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. After meeting a medical unit of passionate volunteers, River uses his military training to join the fight against ISIS. 


The Volunteers: Part 2

Sunday, November 12 at 10pm ET/PT on AUDIENCE Channel 239

The volunteers continue to push with the YPG to the ISIS defended city of Manbij, Syria. River hears news from home and plans his exit. The medical team is granted access to the front lines and find themselves in mortal danger, surrounded by ISIS.


UNICEF is working to provide urgent assistance to children affected by the violence in Syria, including the millions of refugee children driven from the country. To donate, please visit


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