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The Los Angeles-based legendary punk/ska group Goldfinger have returned with The Knife, available now via Rise Records. The Knife surges with the energy, personality, and charm that has made Goldfinger one of the most memorable acts from 90s/2000s punk. Marking their first album since the release of, Hello Destiny... in 2008, The Knife features a slew of special guests, including vocals from Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, 311 lead-singer Nick Hexum and ONE OK ROCK's Takahiro Moriuchi, guitar from Mighty Mighty Boss Tones guitarist Nate Albert on "Get What I Need” and additional drums from Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun on "Orthodontist Girl."

Goldfinger’s resurgence is not a rehearsal of past glory; it is a revolution. This is greatly echoed in the band’s revamped lineup, featuring MXPX’s Mike Herrera on bass and Story of the Year’s Phil Sneed on guitar (both doing backup vocals as well). Blink-182’s Travis Barker plays drums on the album, making The Knife a fitting collection from different corners of the punk world and further showcasing singer-songwriter/producer Feldmann’s ability to draw from and synthesize influences into a cohesive, character-infused collection of talent and art.

Goldfinger continues to build on a highly regarded legacy, where they’ve been considered one of the forerunners and most well-known bands of the third-wave ska/punk movement of the late 90s. Their 1996 self-titled debut Goldfinger was gold-certified and was named one of “The Ten Albums That Defined 1996” by Alternative Press in 2006. AllMusic said, “no one had more success with this new sound than Goldfinger on their self-titled debut”, calling it “irresistibly catchy, creative, and hopelessly endearing.” 1997’s Hang-Ups reached #85 on the Billboard 200, and the single “Superman” was prominently featured on the soundtrack for the generation-defining Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. Over 6 full-length albums and over a decade of touring, Goldfinger amassed an international fan base drawn to the band’s penchant for big choruses, attitude, and creativity of seamlessly fusing punk rock, ska, skate punk, and various other genres throughout their discography.