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    Is the iPhone X worth it? 10 great reasons why it totally is.

    It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since the first-gen iPhone revolutionized the cell phone world. With 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the life-changing device, we can’t help but ponder some of the amazing technological advancements it offers—all of which fit right in our pockets.

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  • iPhone X close up of the upper part of the screen

    1. The screen’s the thing 

    The new iPhone X boasts a 5.8-inch screen—that’s bigger than the iPhone 8’s 4.7 inch screen—which spans edge-to-edge to a polished stainless steel band. The high-definition Super Retna display will deliver a deeply rich experience like never before.

  • iPhone X displaying a sample pic in landscape mode

    2. Apple’s most advanced camera to date

    With portrait lighting, a bigger sensor, new color filter, precise facial mapping and faster lenses, you can take high-quality studio-style pics and video even in low light.

  • iPhone X on wireless charger

    3. Glass backed wireless charging

    The iPhone X has a sleek glass back, which means you can wirelessly charge your new iPhone wherever charging stations and mats are available. Leave your plugs and cables at home.

  • Woman looking at the iPhone X screen

    4. There’s no Home button

    With an edge-to-edge screen, the iPhone X unlocks with Apple’s Face ID facial recognition system. Your face is now your password.

  • Close up of iPhone X camera

    5. So how does Face ID work anyway?

    Apple is calling it the TrueDepth camera, which, when you raise your iPhone X or tap the screen, employs 30,000 invisible dots to create a unique and precise map of your face.

  • A smiling woman’s face next to a cat animoji

    6. Animojis…? Animojis!

    The TrueDepth camera can also analyze more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your facial expressions in 12 different animated characters. So choose between a dog, a cat, a robot, and yes, poop, if that’s your thing.

  • iPhone Xwith a game on the screen

    7. Augment your Reality

    The iPhone X lets you experience mind-blowing AR games and apps that give you an entire universe of fluid and immersive experiences, from redecorating your home to walking with dinosaurs. The only limit is your imagination.

  • Two iPhone X screens with sample apps

    8. Feel the power with iOS 11

    Tap, swipe, and scroll with ease. The all-glass screen and no Home button lets you experience new capabilities like the App Switcher and gestures that enable a multitasking screen.

  • Front view of iPhone X with semi-transparent view of back

    9. Pricing starts at $999

    The iPhone X 64GB version is $999.99, and the 256GB version is $1,149.99.

  • Multiple iPhone Xs with decorative patterns on the screens

    10. Don’t stand in line, get your new iPhone X online at AT&T

    Ordering the iPhone X online at att.com is the fastest way to get your hands-on Apple’s newest, most-advanced iPhone ever.

Back, side andfront viewsof the iPhone X

Life with iPhone

Through all its iterations over the years, can we even imagine life without the iPhone now? Absolutely not, and now we have the iPhone X, the latest in the ubiquitous—and essential—cellular miracle. With sleek design and a ton of new features, the world has anxiously awaited its release.

But as we’ve all learned over the years, product hype can sometimes not fulfill its promise. So, we ask the simple question we’ve all been wondering: is the new iPhone X worth it?

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