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‘911, What’s Your Emergency?’ ‘Can You Bring Me…

Sometimes your emergency is a Big Mac attack.


AP Top Stories April 21 P

Here are the top stories for Sunday, April 21st: 200+ killed in Sri Lanka bombings on Easter; Giuliani says nothing wrong with Russia contacts; Deadly flooding in Canada; Prayers for Notre Dame firefighters.

Company Takes a Tough Pot Stand on 4/20

On marijuana's unofficial holiday, Ben and Jerry's took a tough political stand. "It's hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot," the ice cream chain tweeted on Saturday, per KRIS-TV . "We have to do better." In a blog , the company argues that...

Rudy Giuliani is 100% wrong

Dean Obeidallah writes that while on CNN's "State of the Union," Giuliani tried to make Americans think there's nothing wrong with a campaign for president of the United States accepting help from Russians, but it actually violates election law 101.

Woman Threatens To Blow Up Church During Easter…

"Two minutes after I came in, this lady comes on stage with a baby and a gun she starts talking all the craziness about the rapture not being real and everybody was going to hell," David Miller, a church volunteer, told KFMB-TV.

Walid Phares on the motivations behind the Sri…

Walid Phares joins Fox Report.


Leonard scores 34, Raptors top Magic 107-85 for 3…

Leonard scores 34, and Toronto moves within a game of the second round by topping Magic 107-85

The 20 Best Gifts for Dog Moms Because Mother's…

Because there are lots of different ways to show how much you love your pup. Mother's Day isn't just for moms of human babies: it's for dog moms, too! Dog lovers and pet owners pour so much time, love, and energy (and, ahem, money) into their sweet fur babies year-round, and Mother's Day it's the perfect time to recognize the strong, independent fur mamas in your life. (Yes, you should get her more than a pet hair remover.) Psst: If you still haven't gotten your own mom a gift from her human child, don't forget to check out's Mother’s Day Gift Guide.


Starbucks Hits Nespresso Machines This May

Being your own barista just got a bit easier.