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Rachael Ray and Her Husband Have Overcome…

Reports of infidelity have arisen a few times in their 14-year marriage, but the couple seems stronger than ever.

Naked Florida Man Robs Little League Stand

A suspect wears only a baseball cap and gloves as he steals cash and a package of hot dogs at approximately 4 am.


Officer corrals donkey on Chicago-area interstate

Body camera video captured a sheriff's officer corralling a donkey after it wandered onto a busy highway near Chicago (April 19)

Sweden Has an Odd Reality TV Show

The genre is called "slow TV," for good reason. Viewers in Sweden currently have the ability to watch live cams of a river in the hope that elk will be crossing, reports Radio Sweden . Broadcaster SVT has begun airing 24/7 footage of the Angermanalven river in Angermanland, site of an...

My grandfather's Passover tradition gives me hope

As Jews convene their Passover Seders Friday evening, an event that includes the obligation to welcome the stranger, it's worth focusing on how sheltering refugees like my own ancestors is truly a life-saving process, writes Barbara Fischkin.

‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' Patch Angers Players

The “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” community is angry over developer Gumi nerfing Esther and Sylvie minutes before a patch went live.


Weather Channel live broadcast knocked off air due to ‘malicious software attack,’ network says

A live broadcast of the Weather Channel that aired Thursday was briefly interrupted due to a “malicious software attack,” the network announced.

Raiders Rumors: Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock Sent…

There is reportedly a significant schism within the Oakland Raiders ' front office heading toward the 2019 NFL draft next week...

NCAA rejects mandatory 2-year commitment to grad transfers

A proposal to require a graduate transfer to count against a team's scholarship total for two years in football and basketball has been rejected by the NCAA

The 15 Best Foods to Bring to the Beach

Consider this your official checklist. Packing food for the beach is a little tricky. You could wing it and pack whatever is in your fridge, but…you’re kind of rolling the dice if you go that route. After all, you’ve got a bunch of different factors to consider with beach foods like the heat, cooler space, whether you actually feel like packing utensils, messiness, and sand, which has the amazing ability to end up practically everywhere. There are certain rules that seasoned beach picnic-packers know, like the fact that anything lettuce-based isn’t going to stand up well after an hour or so (even in a cooler), and that sticky stuff is a sand magnet. But all that aside, there are some great options when it comes to beach foods. Keep these options in mind, whether you’re going for tasty snacks or a full-on meal.