Hudson Bay sunset

Crescent moon after sunset

2017 is the second hottest year on record

NASA has reported global surface temperatures to be the second hottest on record in 2017 since record-keeping became possible in 1880. This is coming off a year that was also the most expensive wildfire season in the United States.

Complete list of Olympic winter sports

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be February 9 -25. Here is a complete list of the sports of the Winter Olympics.

Weather vs. climate: What’s the difference?

Weather and climate are two often-confused terms, but there’s a big difference between the two.

Incredible views of Earth from outer space

No matter how far you've traveled in the world, you've really remained in one place in the eyes of the cosmos. Our planet Earth. Voyage across space and see our only home from unique perspectives few have seen before.

Why the Winter Olympics are only held in the…

The winter games have never been held in the Southern Hemisphere. Why?

Seasoned ice skater takes her hobby to new heights

At about 10 thousand feet above sea level, seasoned ice skater Laura Kottlowski’s passion for gliding over massive, untouched sheets of ice was born. Laura shares tips on how to skate safely at higher altitudes.

Snow creating treacherous traffic conditions in…

Snow in the Raleigh-Durham area has caused traffic in some parts to get backed up. Emergency vehicles have been spotted as well as crews working to clean the roads.