Car hacks for keeping cool without an A/C

There you are driving on a hot summer day but your car doesn't have air conditioning. How can you cool down? Check out these tips!

3 ways roads show us it's hot in the summer

Ever noticed wavy lines on the road when you're driving in the summer?They hover over the road and can appear to move. This is just one of the ways roads show us it's hot out.

Grilled to perfection: Dashboard cooking in…

Melissa decided to do a little dashboard cooking in 112 degree Phoenix heat. Mac & cheese, quesadillas, pot pies and even a burger "grilled to perfection."

Waterspout swirls near Eastlake, Ohio

Waterspouts were reported on Lake Erie the morning of June 26. This video shows one near Eastlake, Ohio.

NASA spacecraft spots Curiosity rover

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft orbits the Red Planet to take exquisite detailed images of the Martian landscape. In doing so, it caught a particular rover in its shot on June 5, Curiosity.

Tornado touches down over Home Depot store in New…

An EF-0 tornado was confirmed by the National Weather Service to touch down over this Home Depot in Howell, New Jersey before moving into the parking lot. Several trees were uprooted, no one was injured.

Scientists study plant growth in space

As part of their mission to send humans to Mars, scientists are taking up space gardening. This will enable future voyagers to plant their own food once they reach the Red Planet.

Reed Timmer stops by flood-stricken McLain…

Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer toured with the local emergency manager to survey the town of McLain, Mississippi on June 23. The town is devastated with flooding caused by Tropical Storm Cindy.

Tornado spotted swirling through Birmingham…

This tornado in Birmingham, Alabama was spotted forming on June 22 in the wake of severe weather.

Reed Timmer tracks rising floodwaters at Styx…

Moderate floodwaters are still rising at the Styx River near the Alabama and Florida borders as Reed Timmer continues to track down flooding in Cindy's aftermath.

How far away was that lightning?

There is a very simple way to figure out how far away that lightning strike was from you. Here's how.

Three waterspouts whip up off the Florida coast…

This rare video shows 3 waterspouts forming near the Santa Rosa Island. Another waterspout was spotted near Okaloosais Island.