A-Frame Dog House with Food Bowl Tray and Storage Cubby

Now you can serve dinner without worrying about the mess - just bring his meal outdoors! This multi-purpose dog house with a walnut finish has a compartment to store all his toys (and food, of course.)

BUY NOW: $130, hayneedle.com Courtesy of Hayneedle

Lodge Dog House with Porch

Solid fir wood and dark accents make for a decorative addition to your yard. It includes raised floor panels and a sunning deck for your dog to lounge on all day long.

BUY NOW: $160, hayneedle.com Courtesy of Hayneedle

Wood Dog's Inn

This durable, waterproof design can combat any kind of weather. Intended for dogs up to 70 pounds, it includes adjustable legs, a hinged roof and removable flooring for easy maintenance and cleaning.

BUY NOW: $178, lowes.comCourtesy of Lowes

Lucky Green Roof Dog House

With rooftop and window box planters, this elegant space is not only perfect for your dog, it's also a decorative backyard piece you'll be proud to show off.

BUY NOW: $190 and up, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle

Archie Dog House

This house by Boomer & George has a durable corrugated plastic roof and overhang so your doggo can stay outdoors rain or shine. It's ideal for medium- to large-size dogs and is made with China fir and white and gray paneling.

BUY NOW: $200, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle

Staircase Dog House with Heater

With stairs leading to a balcony, your dog will feel like he can concur the world! This also includes a long-lasting, thermostatically controlled heater for a cozy place your pup won't want to leave.

BUY NOW: $220 and up, hayneedle.com Courtesy of Hayneedle

Beacon Dog House with Sunning Side Deck

Asphalt roofing stands tall with a stylish gray finish and vented windows. A sunning deck gives your dog the option to lay out and embrace his lazy side (cue the snores).

BUY NOW: $230, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle

Rufus Pet Dog House

This adorable wood abode by Acme Furniture is a log cabin your pup can keep watch from like the true king he is.

BUY NOW: $290, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle

Darker Stain Duplex Dog House

Fit for owners with multiple pets, this unique duplex features a removable partition and two dog doors. Double the space for double the drool, fur and fun.

BUY NOW: $330, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle

Woof Ranch

This sleek, upscale design features custom plants, an artificial turf deck and indoor eating area. Made by Pijuan Design Workshop, they say they'll design "your pup a home that rivals your very own."

BUY NOW: $2,800, pdworkshop.comCourtesy of pdworkshop.com

Dog Re-Treat

When your furry friend doesn't want to lounge on the deck, there's a dog bed within the walls of this modern, charming set-up. Also from Pijuan Design Workshop, it's fully customizable.

BUY NOW: $2,800, pdworkshop.comCourtesy of pdworkshop.com

Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House

Upon entering this cottage of luxury, you'll find an outdoor kennel area that's fenced in but spacious. From the outside, it looks just like a family home fit for many owners, but your pup will get dibs - always.

BUY NOW: $4,075, hayneedle.comCourtesy of Hayneedle