Beyonce reportedly welcomed her highly anticipated twins last week, causing Twitter to erupt with excitement and hilarious memes.

Bey has yet to confirm the news herself, but her dad, Matthew Knowles, took to social media to congratulate her on Sunday, writing, "They're here!" 

Check out some of the best Twitter reactions below.

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins have arrived, but for Tidal subscribers they arrived a week earlier.

— Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) June 18, 2017

This is probably how the hospital staff that helped #Beyonce give birth to the twins are feelin right now

— Grey Zayn (@zayn_grey) June 18, 2017

Beyoncés twins are here when Beyoncé confirms it

— Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) June 18, 2017

Something else #Beyonce is better at than you...Father's Day presents!

— Lilit Martirosyan (@warmestlilit) June 18, 2017

When Beyoncé's twins realise who they came out of:

— (@lifeof__) June 18, 2017

"Beyoncé is not a conceptual artist"

Beyoncé delivers twins, born under Gemini (twins of the Zodiac).

— Gary Hartley (@GaryHartleySA) June 18, 2017

If Beyoncé has babies on your birthday it's not your birthday anymore.

— OhNoSheTwitnt (@OhNoSheTwitnt) June 18, 2017

Beyoncé is so powerful. All somebody on the internet has to say is "they're here" and the whole world will know that Beyoncé had her babies

— JAY (@JAYVERSACE) June 18, 2017

happy fathers day to beyoncé only

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) June 18, 2017

Refreshing Beyoncé's Instagram be like

— Beyoncé (@BeyonceWeb) June 18, 2017

Next time Beyoncé has a baby she should do it on Taylor Swift's birthday.

— OhNoSheTwitnt (@OhNoSheTwitnt) June 18, 2017

Imagine being born and then you look up and it's Beyoncé

— elizabeth strassner (@lilyelizajane) June 18, 2017

I don't think it's appropriate to officially congratulate Beyoncé until the King says so herself. Respect my privacy at this time.

— Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick) June 18, 2017

me sneaking in the hospital to visit #Beyonce and her twins

— stay woke (@nadearaxc) June 18, 2017

#Beyonce, sweetie. I know you're in recovery, but where are the pics? We've been pregnant with you for too long, honey.

— HOVA (@visualmamii) June 18, 2017