A majority of Americans don't believe America is being made great again after nearly six months of President Trump in the Oval Office, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll that finds the president's approval rating slumping to 36%—down from 42% in April.

Some 58% of Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing, an increase of five points, with 48% saying they "disapprove strongly," notes the Post.

Highlights from the poll:

  • The Post compares Trump's approval rating to his predecessors at this point in their first terms: Former presidents Barack Obama and George W.

    Bush each held 59% approval ratings, while Bill Clinton had slumped to a record low 43% in late June.

  • Some 48% of Americans think the country's leadership in the world has weakened; 27% say it is stronger and 23% say it's about the same.
  • Americans' view of Trump's handling of the economy goes in the president's favor, with 43% approving and 41% disapproving.

  • Another silver lining for Trump: 52% think he's interfering in investigations into Russian election meddling, down from 56% last month.
  • Some 50% of those surveyed prefer ObamaCare, while 24% prefer Republicans' plans to replace it.

    (Those plans have stalled in the Senate.)

  • As far as negotiating with Vladimir Putin, 32% of Americans trust Trump a good or great amount, 48% trust him not at all, and 18% trust him "just some."
  • As far as Trump's agenda, 38% say he's making significant progress, while 55% say he's not making significant progress.
  • Democrats don't exactly come out smelling like roses, with only 37% of those polled saying the party stands for something, while 52% say the party just stands against Trump.
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This article originally appeared on Newser: Poll: Trump's Approval Rating Slumps to 36%